In the evening I was studying Geometry and Papa came home with Laddoos which made me sure that he was not drunk at least today. But apart from that he was looking very happy and telling something to Aai. They were talking something like, “His family is nice, they have a good amount of farm and own house. Our Jyoti is going to be happy there.” I didn’t understand anything and started studying.

Within 10 minutes Aai came and asked me to keep the books aside. She said,
“Now there is no use of these books. Get started with work. You have to learn everything within a month.”

Why is she talking like this? She has been behaving very weird from last three months since I started getting that dirty thing. I cannot even touch anything for those four days.

The next day I came to know that those guests who visited us in last week, for whom I wore saree in which I couldn’t even walk, have “liked” me. That’s why Papa was so happy yesterday. Aai said that wedding would be in next month which jolted me. I asked her about my school. She replied now onwards I don’t need to go to school. I am not allowed to tell my friends about this marriage.

But why do I have to get married? Why cannot I live with my Aai and Papa? Aai says that man (who was smiling looking at me that day) is going to be my “everything”. What is this everything? I do not want this. Ohh no! I almost forgot that I am not allowed to make any choice.

Aai called me and started whispering that after wedding there will be one small Puja and then I will start living with my “everything” and in the night I have to listen to him, have to do whatever he asks me to do. Even he is going to touch me and I am not to say anything. It is for my good only. But who cares about what I want.

Today those people again came for a small ceremony of engagement. That man was continuously looking at me and smiling. I did not at all like the way he was smiling. That evil smile! Those people!

Is this what I have to face after one month? I don’t want to marry him. I want to continue with my school. I want to prove Aai and Papa that I am not a burden. They have stopped listening to me. I have become just a debt to them. I want to cry out loud. But nobody is going to listen to me.

Can you listen to me? Can you get me out of this?