Before few days I was going back home after having a really bad day. I was frustrated, angry and gloomy. While walking on footpath totally engaged in my own thoughts, something caught my attention. There was a small family of two kids and their parents living there, they hardly had the roof and their kitchen was at one side of the footpath. They were laughing, they were happy and it looked like they have got everything in this world within that small part of the footpath. And even after having got everything, I was angry and sad because of a very disregardable reason. It made me think.


Just a small word consisting of four letters. But its meaning to everyone is different. It is the only thing which other people think that someone else has got better than him or her. Is it really true?

What is that everyone is running for? Wake up, go to work, come home and sleep. Aren’t we making one of the pieces our whole life? Is this what we have born for?

It is not even like everyone should leave the job and start enjoying, but can’t you at least spare some time for the things you love and whatever makes you happy? We make our life like this and then start blaming the fate.

Just look around you. How many beautiful things are out there! Instead of applying filters to make your profile better, start adding real colours of happiness to your life. Everyone has got his or her share of sorrow but start leaning how to let it go. It will make you feel better.

Don’t let others add colours to your painting, be your own painter and make it as beautiful as you want. Instead of focusing on what is gone, be happy with all the things you still have. After waking up in the morning take a moment to realize how grateful are you to have got everything you have!

There are always going to be ups and downs. It is your call whether to keep crying due to those downs or keep celebrating the ups. Try to make the difference. Else what would you be left with at the end of the day? Only regret?

Isn’t it like the sun? Initially there is excitement and glory just like sunrise, then there are hard times like the sun in afternoon and if you survive through the afternoon, there is sunset which takes all the problems away and make it very smoothening.

You have to decide whether to let afternoon ruin your life or to fighte with all the energy sunrise has given you to see an astonishing sunset!