Today morning while looking for what to wear, that black t-shirt grabbed my eye. In the next moment I was already in past.

He knew everything about me, that’s why gifting me that black t-shirt with my favourite print wasn’t a bad choice of him. How glad I was after seeing it! And I can still listen to his words “Whenever I am not there, just wear it.”

Who knew wearing it now is just going to make me feel worse. Because it is not going replace HIM. I still remember the first time I fell for him, but that wasn’t the first time I fell. After that every time he made me fall for him.

Do I still love him? If his memory still doesn’t let you sleep, you cannot get him out of your head and even after two years you still hope for him to come back, then yes I love him!

He was the one who made me understand the real meaning of love, I could feel it every time I was with him. Just by seeing him I used to smile like an idiot. Yes, we were idiot in each other’s love. His efforts for making me smile made me believe in love. His way of looking into my eyes made me believe how to see love in eyes.

I vividly remember his efforts on my birthday, to make me surprise and made sure I become the happiest. How can one forget those surprises and the way he used to wait for hours just to see me happy! But now all those moments and places we used to visit are haunting me.

Handling his anger and handling him during tough times made me understand why they say, “Falling in love is easy but staying in love is harder.” After each passing day, our bond was increasing. I was in the phase where I could do literally anything for him. How insane it was!

How can I forget every night he stayed awake to make sure I could sleep in peace, the way he used to handle all my tantrums without uttering a word and all the promises we made to each other.

“Hey, enough! Stop thinking about him. He is not going to come back to you. Stop being stupid. You were alive and happy even before he came in your life. Everything is going to be fine without him.”

Is it easy to forget all those precious moments which gave me all the bliss? How am I going to live in the world which I never imagined without him? How am I going to run away from all the memories we made together?

Amid all these questions, my mobile rang and the reality hit me.