12:45 am
14th March 2019
Location : Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport
A girl who has waited for 13 years is finally going to achieve her dream. It is “the dream”, since the time she was 7 year old. At that time she used hear and watch a lot about EUROPE, its countries and its beauty. Then she saw an advertisement in a newspaper of Europe trip with all the pictures and she finally knew that I’m definitely going there. Though she didn’t know anything about the geography, how to go there, passport, and other things, she only knew one thing ,

“I want to go on ‘The Europe Trip’”.
When she became 18, the only thing she knew was to get her passport done. She didn’t even know when will she get to go there but her determination towards achieving the dream made her do it. Somewhere she knew that she is definitely going there very soon because she always believed in Paulo Coelho’s words,

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”
Today the day arrives when she is finally going to achieve her dream. After 10 hours she finally lands on her dreamland, Paris! Everyone is exclaiming and excited, but here the girl is speechless. When the bus starts she is just observing the things around her, their roads, city, infrastructure and everything. Because she has decided to herself to click the pictures from her eyes and store it in her memory forever. Everything is so beautiful and mesmerizing. Those buildings, gardens, people, everything speak something. It was way more beautiful than what she had thought.

At the evening she arrives at the Eiffel Tower and she is finally realising what they mean by “Living our dream”. This is what she had waited for all the years. The view from the Eiffel Tower is just breath taking. She is just carefully observing the whole city from Eiffel tower, that wonderful city!

“Oh my God this is what I have waited for, since 13 years.”
Everyone around her starts clicking pictures as soon as they go up, but here this girl is clicking pictures from her eyes. Wonderful, gorgeous, beautiful all these words are very short for this city. After getting down, the next plan is Cruise ride where they are going from canals. These are the same canals which she had always dreamt to go from and it is located between two streets, there is also a bridge. Again she wants to feel how does it feel to go from that magnificently carved bridge which she has seen in movies.

Haha. Such a small thing for others but it is really huge for her. Even roaming on the streets of Paris at night gives her that delightful feeling. Then she spends next few days in Belgium and Amsterdam. Again new and pleasing experiences. Every city has its own beauty which cannot be explained in words. It makes her believe that Heaven does exist and here it is!

After visiting her dreamland she lands at the same airport. Though the airport is same, this time she is different. She is not the same person who left from here before few days. She is the one with so many astounding experiences and memories. She has definitely changed and looking forward to complete more such dreams!