We all have feelings. We all love to be loved by others. We ourself die for the people whom we love, but did you ever think that they are worth dieing.

We all love our parents , they are our first love. We love our friends, life partner,boyfriend, girl friend etc. LOVE is so magical. we are using the same word love for your parents , friends, lovers and all.

You may be having a girlfriend or boyfriend. If not you at least have one of your friend might be having one. Are they all happy ?

Few many because that is the most beautiful feeling . Theterm LOVE makes you feel a zillion things when you think about it. Before, even I used to think the same about it. Like all the others it used to make me happy, excited and all the other positive emotions you would possibly think of but now as reality disclosed the true colours of fantasy. I believe it's not such a happy word as it seems to be.

With joyit brings sorrow, with companionship it brings compromise and with perfection it will destroy a person in a way you would not even imagine. If it's right it will take you to heaven and give you a ride in the clouds of paradise and if it's wrong you're gone, you will lose yourself completely.

I'M not at all against love but this is reality. SO, It baffles me how a four letter word can take you to the land of emotions and make you battle one of it till you qualify to the next level. Very few go that far.

Making decision while selecting your loved one is so important. Love is not only physical it should be a combination of genuine feeling , love and care. Some may hate the word love but trust me it is not the word which is wrong , its you who are wrong. If you ask them why do they hate it they may say that once they got cheated by someone or they saw their friends or it can be something else.

Never generalise love it is not the same for all. Not all the people in the world are same. Some people fake it and some mean it. It all depends on how you see it.

Finally, what I like to say is if your love is true you will be the luckiest one on the earth but if it is not they you have to suffer till the end. Don't leave love just because your scared. All you have to do is before you love someone think if they are correct or no . Follow what your heart says.



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If it broke you, and would be in trauma for years. Yes you will get up again and start living but with completely deferent personality, Full of hatred and Anger even Can't hear the words about Love and relationship, The Anger going to burst. Sometimes you think about you, what you used to be, A nice innocent guy who once sees the world from deferent perspective, and a tear drops. You think what you have become.