The greatest achievements of life comes through great pain.”

For every person in this world, there is a true situation of, No pain, No gain. No one in this world tasted the butter of success without churning himself in lots and lots of pain and sufferings.

People always fear to face the sufferings, but for me, it's like an experience(good or bad). Experiences always give you an advantage. Advantage of learning new things, the advantages of knowing your mistakes, etc.

Experience makes you learn new things

To gain any experience in life you must have a habit of trying new things in life. Experiences make you learn new things, they teach you what are your mistakes so that you could correct them in the future.

Experiences help you to know your mistakes

Many people in these worlds have a mentality that they do all the things correctly which give birth to a new problem i.e. Negative Attitude. The person with a negative attitude cannot gain experiences because he never wants to learn. Always remember, the person who wants to learn new things will only gain experiences.

Mistakes are part of life because they help you to make yourself a better individual. They taught you what is wrong, and how to correct it. Never feel shy to make a mistake but never make a habit of making the same mistakes again.

Make new mistakes every time

When you make new mistakes it means you are trying new things and trying new things every day will increase your learning each day you try. Learning is the only ladder of success which will help you in the long run.

You always go through a lot of pain when you try new thing but that pain will make you stronger from inside so that you can face the upcoming challenges of life. So before preparing yourself for the success and hard work, start preparing yourself for the pain which you will be gaining in the path of success and then only you can achieve the success in your life. You should believe that pain is a part of life and it is necessary to have pain for achieving the best results in life otherwise you can't prepare yourself when the situation becomes worse than before.

You can't leave your pains or ignore them but you should try to tackle the situations and learn from them. Pain is a part of life so don't try to run from it but try to learn from it. The person who never experienced any pain in his life has never gained anything in his life.



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Thank you soo much!!!
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