You Should Never Settle In Your Life

Hardik Pathak
Jun 23, 2019   •  29 views

Goals without desire are dreams.”

Everybody in this world must have a desire. We all know the meaning of desire i.e. a strong feeling to achieve something. You must have a goal in your life with your desire to achieve that goal attached to it. As I have said that if you just make a goal without any fire of desire to achieve that goal than you can never achieve that goal.

Lord Buddha once claimed that “Desires always create sufferings."

If you don't want to suffer in your life then you can't achieve anything. A strongly motivated person who wants to become great in his life work upon only one golden rule i.e. Never Settle.

You should always crave for more in your life that only you can become great otherwise settling yourself leads to satisfaction and satisfaction grabs the hand of that person who wants to work harder in the future. Satisfaction says that “This is your destiny and accept it, as it is the result of your hard work” but a strongly motivated person just has a single statement against all those statements which are, Let me give one more try.

Thomas Alva Edison, the inventor of the bulb tried and gave 1000 attempts for his invention of the bulb. He was unsuccessful for 1000 times, yet he never lost hope and at last, became successful.

Never lose hope

The phrase “Never Settle” has an indirect relation with the other phrase i.e. “Never lose hope in life." When a person loses hope that he becomes a loser in itself and always remember If you consider yourself a loser then you can't make the world believe that you can be a winner. To become a winner, firstly, think like a winner.

Fill yourself with desire

If you want to achieve anything in your life, it can be your short term goals to eat pizza or have a long-term goal of buying a Lamborghini, you must have a strong desire to reach there. Desire should be strong enough to sustain until you achieve that thing in your life. Never listen to someone who demotivates you or tells you that, You can't achieve anything in life. Success is shutting up the mouths of these kinds of people.

Never make an enemy

In my opinion for a successful person, there is no one in this world who is his enemy. The person who demotivates him or holds his hand back are a source of motivation for him and because of these people, he could have a spark in himself to achieve anything in life. Enemies are the best source of motivation because you hate them and wants their downfall so to see the downfall of your enemy you have to become big enough in your life so that others look too small in front of you.

At last, I just want to conclude that before making goals, have a desire and road map because dreams without planning is a waste of time. Everybody needs planning to be successful, and you should never make yourself satisfied in any situation. Always be hungry, have the hunger of success, the hunger of money, the hunger of respect from the world because “World always bows in front of those people, who never bowed against their fear of failure.”