Make A Difference Between Your Needs And Wants

Hardik Pathak
Jun 24, 2019   •  35 views

Need is the compulsory requirement for someone and without that thing, the person doesn't survive like food and water is the need of the body and without food and water the person will die and same like oxygen is the need of human being to survive and without that he will die. On the other hand, comes, “Want,” which means a desire to possess something. Want is the thing which someone wishes for, and he may survive without that particular thing. You should very well know the exact meaning of need and want so that you can easily differentiate among the two.

I am explaining these terms so that you can easily differentiate what must be your need, and what should be you want. Never want success in your life because it shows that you can survive if you don't get it. Make success your need, work till you don't achieve it. Prepare yourself in such a way that without success you won't survive.

Making success your need means it is mandatory for you to become a successful person in your job as well as in your life. You should not compromise with success and work so hard that success doesn't get any other option, and it has to be yours.

I am focusing on needing success because the person who wants it start losing hope at some point in time when their attempts to achieve it fails. They lose hope and start giving up which affects their mental health. The become demotivates but a person for whom success is his need never gives up and try till his last breath. Success has to come to the person who never gives up. Start planning and making short term goals and work really hard until you achieve those goals. If you develop such type of attitude then only you can be successful one day otherwise Desires are like dreams, some fulfilled while others not. So, don't only dreams big but work hard to achieve those dreams so that you could be an actual successful person one day. Working hard is the only road to reach the destination of success otherwise success will come but will not retain for a longer period of time.

Always have a need to establish a desire and work hard each day to make your desire successful because when you will dream big then only you will do hard work to achieve those dreams and hard work always pays off to you.