According to Merriam-Webster, Self Worth means, “ a feeling that you are a good person who deserves to be treated with respect.” You should create your worth by making yourself stronger daily. Stronger here means sharpening your skills and qualities in which you are best at or what you like.

Being best in anything doesn't mean you will always remain the same without any external efforts or practice. Everyone is best until another best person comes in the row. You should always sharpen your skills so that you should remain worthy over a longer period. Joker in the movie Dark Knight had a dialogue, “If you are good at something, Never do it for free.”

This can be the best source of motivation for you and will help you to create Your own worth. There are many simple ways to create your self-worth:

1) Create your goals

Always have goals to reach in your life. Make a perfect road map to achieve those goals so that other person could get motivated and take you as an inspiration. If you yourself don't have any Goals than you can't say another guy to reach or follow their goals.

2) Be in a good company

You should always surround yourself with good people who have experiences, who are successful and most important who are motivated. A motivated person could only become an inspiration for another person because a demotivated man himself needs helping hand to stand on his own feet.

3) Confidence

You should be confident while performing each and every task of your life. You should take responsibility for the work which is done by you. If you have made a mistake than accept it and most importantly learn from it so that you never repeat that again in the future.

4) Body Language

It is one of the most important aspects because your body language speaks very much about yourself. While talking to a person always maintain eye contact because if you don't make it that it shows you are hesitating to talk or uncomfortable. It also shows you are not confident. You should always walk and stand straight because it shows you are approachable.

There are many other points to be taken look upon but the main highlight of creating your self-worth is on creating your need in the market. The whole world is a market where people will only approach you when they want some help or when they want their work to be done by you. So create your worth in such a way that the other person becomes helpless without you. Have a mentality that, “You are important,” no matter what the situation is. For this, you really need to work upon yourself and minimize all your flaws and weaknesses while maximizing your strengths and worthiness.



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