5 Amazing Roads To Take A Trip Through

Gurkirat Kaur
Jun 06, 2019   •  36 views

Travel is food for the soul and a road trip isthe best kind ofexperience one can have. Itallows you to enjoy the place at your own pace pausing the moments and capturing them at your will.

Here are 5 amazing roads you should definitely take a trip through!

1. The Road to Red Beach, China

Located at Panjin in the Chinese province of Liaoning, this road drives you through a beach, that is actually not a beach. It is, infact, the world’s largest marshy wetland— where the water is covered with moss. When autumn comes the moss in this area transforms into asoothing crimson color, standing instark contrast to the yellow fields besideit. Dividing the 2is along stretch of road with green borders.

2.National Highway22, India

Located inscenic Himachal Pradesh, India— feel the mountain closing inonyou asyou drive down one of the most dangerous roads in the world. Anumber of unpredictable, sharp bends provide some real adventure and the curvy roads raise your adrenaline levels. You’ll see 2 vehicles passing each other, while there is barely ample space for one. Enjoy the majestic mountains as you drive through one of the busiest mountain roads in India. Hold ontight, this one might be a bumpy ride!

3.The Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway

It is one of the most captivating and thrilling roads in the world. With the mighty Atlantic Ocean as the scenic backdrop, the highway connects the island of Averøy with the mainland via aseries of 8 small islands, offering some lush green coastal landscapes enroute. The journey isdifferent every time you travel— depending on what the ocean has to offer!

4.The Seven Mile Bridge, USA

Often called “The Doorway to the Keys,” this bridge connects the Middle Keys tothe Lower Keys inFlorida, inthe US. The bridge ispart ofthe famous Overseas Highway (aka U.S. Route1)— one ofthe routes you must travel atleast once in your lifetime. The entire highway has apristine view ofboth the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf ofMexico and offers the best ofFlorida coastal landscapes. Beenchanted with the changing hues ofthe sea water and the infinite sky as you capture the unforgettable vist as in your heart.

5.Zuluk Road, India

Once part ofthe ancient Silk Road, this road in Sikkim has about 100 hairpin turns inadistance ofjust 30km. Offering the best view ofthe crown of Himalayas, this isone ofthe most dizzying roads in the world. Even the most experienced drivers can get deceived bythe unpredictability ofthe turns. This road isnot for the weak-hearted and requires aspecial permit to be accessed.



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