Why Every Girl Needs A Guy Best Friend

Gayatri Menon
Feb 07, 2019   •  71 views

Having a guy best friend is so important and is a blessing in disguise which you will realise someday.

I think guy best friends are the perfect people to ask for advice regarding another girl. Because they will be completely and brutally honest with you.

Unlike girlfriends, guy friends will call you out on your mistakes way before and tell you to clean up your mess.

Your guy best friend is the perfect person to go out with or to get into a club through couple entry without getting awkward. If any guy is hitting on you and you feel uncomfortable, your best friend comes to the rescue.

They come to know the intentions of the guy you are getting close to, and they are always right about their assumptions.

They are there for you and provide emotional support.

The best person to talk to if you are feeling jealous or angry at yourself is your guy best friend. They have some power to make you feel so great about yourself.

My guy best friend is probably the most practical guy ever and keeps me grounded by saying “stay in your limits” (which is just a nicer way of saying “aukaat me reh”)

All of your friends assume that you two are in a relationship just because you both are so close. Even your parents know how crazy close your friendship is.

You also go for each other’s family functions where aunties give you that weird smile when they see you two together.

The best part about having a guy best friend is that you can literally talk about anything and not feel awkward that you might feel guilty or weird telling your girl best friend.

Other girls seem to hate you because you are close to a guy.

Guy best friends are the laziest, chill people ever. They are a lot less dramatic compared to our girlfriends.

Guy friends are the most protective and will go to any lengths to take care of you.

They have a solution for every problem and if any guy hurts you, they ask”Kisko uthwana hai aaj?”

Whatever knowledge you have about sports, cars and video games, it is all from them.

They will always be there to patiently listen to you rant about the most stupid thing and still help you to solve it.

Guy best friends become our fake boyfriends, brothers, cousins and much more depending on the situation. They are our lifesavers.

Yours truly,

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