The Process That Is An Indian Wedding

Gayatri Menon
Feb 08, 2019   •  73 views

Indian weddings are not just a form of celebration, but nowadays the showcase of the wealth one owns.

It is not a celebration but a full-fledged festival of five days involving a lot of food, drinks and annoying relatives. Who wants to see their distant relatives and judgemental aunties for five days straight? Not me.

The traditional ways of getting married are long gone and since India is completely getting influenced by the western culture, the weddings are also getting a new style.

The most common influence is the hiring of professionals to plan and organise the weddings and that has created a large market for wedding planners in today’s times.

The amount of resources that are utilised of making a wedding extravagant is a lot. Many of these resources are wasteful and could be better utilised for many purposes.

The trend of having a lavish and over-the-top wedding is influenced by the celebrities. Spending crores on the wedding festivities is just plain stupid and unpractical.

The amount of food that is served in these weddings is crazy and so much of it goes waste that it is hurtful to see since half of our India’s population cannot even afford to eat even one square meal a day.

Weddings have become professionalised and are setting high expectations and standards for the common people to achieve.

On one side of the extreme is Mukesh Ambani’s daughter’s wedding which cost approximately 100million dollars to the other end where this man who got popular because he spent only Rupees 24,000 on his wedding.

That was so refreshing to see after hearing about the extravagant weddings that we see nowadays. The middle class families can definitely relate to this man. The venue of his wedding was the terrace where only his close ones were invited.

The tip we can take from him is to not call every distant relative and just not invite those annoying aunties who will try to point out every little mistake and detail like it is their own wedding.

These elite weddings are a series of events that require a lot of effort and money that begins all the way from lavish invitations to designer wear clothes and a lot more.

But the middle class is happy and content with the tasty food, good music and simple celebrations.

Weddings should not be source of business or a showcase of your bank balance, but the most joyful day of your life even if that means watch drunk uncles go crazy on the dance floor.