It is not only the women who face sexism but males too.

But it is found to be a very common thing for women to deal with. Due to the misogynistic thinking and mentality of many, they downgrade women and restrict them to certain roles only. Mainly of being a housewife or designated bahu.

A girl usually faces discrimination just because of her gender. In many parts of India, the girl child is not allowed to get educated so that they can be married off as soon as possible.

Sexism exists in the most regular of situations and it always survives it the background but more attention needs to be given to such situations.

Every time a couple goes to a restaurant, the waiter always gets the bill to the male member which shows that they assume the male is paying even though the female might also be a bread earner herself.

It is always expected that the male has to pay the bills whenever a couple goes out to a restaurant, which should not be the case. They should not have that responsibility.

It is not anybody’s fault just the way the society has conditioned and assigned roles to each gender.

We live in a patriarchal society where the notions of gender disparity and sexism are induced into our minds even before we are born.

All the way from allocating specific colours to every gender to the type of behaviour that they are expected to portray.

The boys are supposed to be strong, muscular and take care of the family while the girls expected to always look presentable and ultimately, get married.

The basic idea and the roles of each gender that are embedded in us from that start are not flexible and are not changing with the changing times and that is causing the rift and uprising.

The answer to ending sexism is to adopt open-mindedness and let each person decide their own rules and live the way they want to.

The society should not put pressure on the genders or favour either but just keep a broad perspective about the changing mindset of people.

The genders do not have to be restricted to doing what they are expected to or supposed to do but what they enjoy doing.

Since almost everyone faces sexism, let us try not to take advantage of situations and be better humans to each other and show empathy.