I cannot classify myself as a writer (that would be an insult to actual writers. I’m kidding)
People like me who enjoy putting their thoughts into words rather than talking about it, love this form of expression.

I prefer to jot down what is running through my mind rather than talking about it to someone. And I think most of us can relate to that.

Being a person who loves to write gives you the freedom to write however you want. You are your own boss. There is no fixed timing or schedule for writers since we write when our brain flows with ideas & that could be days, weeks or at times, months)

An empty mind cannot have flow of ideas and that gives them (or at least me) an excuse to go around exploring things or trying to expose myself to crazy situations just to get a different perspective.

I think all writers are brilliant listeners. They will listen patiently to your rant about the most pointless thing ever.

Hearing people talk about their lives and gaining a view of different ideologies and perspectives is always a plus for a writer.

You might not have fixed work time and you work whenever you feel like. That is something that makes this job so much different than any other.

They have the luxury to not overwork the mind and just go with the flow, unlike other professions.
Writers are highly opinionated about everything which is so great but they do not express themselves unless they are asked to do so. They can talk or write about almost anything and others would enjoy reading it.

Writers have a completely different way of looking at situations and life altogether.
They look for an edge in every circumstance possible that might not be evident to the others.
They have the power to make the reader escape this world and get lost in a world created purely by them.

They have the power of words and it is mind-blowing what they can do with it.
Words influence us more than anything and are the closest thing to magic we have in this world.

I am grateful for all the opportunities I have received to work on my writing as well as the feedback, negative or positive that I have received since it has helped me improve my writing styles tremendously.