Isn’t it the worse thing when your best friend lives far away?
Or worst, when your friend moves away?
We all have one friend who ditched us and shifted abroad.

Countless number of video calls where most of the conversation sounds like “Can you hear me?” or “Your network is so bad”

Or trying to beat the time difference by staying up all night or to wake up super early to give gossip.

The things we do for gossip :)

Since we are always on our phones texting or talking, our parents are yelling at us for constantly using our phones.

Distance makes it so difficult to go hug your friend when they are feeling sad or when you want to go to their house with ice cream after a bad breakup.

My best friends are my superheroes, they save me from my parent’s wrath every time. But long distance makes it almost impossible and I get yelled at almost every time.

The time when your friends come back to meet you is the happiest time. Too much time is also very less for us to fit all of the talking, going out and just enjoying with each other. There is so much to talk and nothing can be missed out on.

The saddest time is when your best friend is not with you on your birthday but they video call you to make sure you have a great day. Even if they aren’t present with you physically, they make sure you feel their presence throughout.

Your traditions of going out for movies together or sleepovers every month are always missed.

Even though you both are on good terms, you have a slight fear that they might make some new friends there and become distant from you. But all of that worry gets cleared once you see their unclear and quality face on your video call.

Whenever I needed advice, I would meet my friend and they would give me the most stupid advice which I would actually do. Even though they are away, they will still give you the stupid advice which you know you are ultimately going to follow.

Fight with your best friend when they are far away is just the worst, you cannot even take a peace offering all the way, so you have to adjust with just 50 of those ”I am sorry” messages.

Long distance friendships might be a little hard to maintain, but the true bond that you both share can withstand anything, if it can handle the distance. Even if you both don’t talk to each other for some time, nothing changes and it is all the same between you two.

Yours truly,
That friend who is waiting for her firangi best friend to call her back.