Do you feel lost in your life?

Feeling aimless or do not know what to do anymore? Then you are not alone. In fact, most of the people in this world have no bloody idea about what or how they are going to do anything. Most people just wing it and hope for the best.

Every person goes through a phase or time in their life where they get lost or deviated from their path and that is completely normal.

It also makes you feel very demotivated and meaningless. Now it is up to you to decide what you do in your life and how you change your situation to one that benefits you.

I heard this quote somewhere ”Fine three hobbies: one to make money, one to keep you fitand one to make you happy”

And if you want to preach that, then start looking for those things that you are passionate about and you will enjoy working for the rest of your life.

Finding something that you enjoy is not that difficult and if you are confused about where to start searching, start somewhere. Just pick up something that catches your interest and try it out. The result might surprise you. And if not, try again.

Find inspiration from everywhere. Read books, do activities you enjoy, spend some time with yourself and think about what interests you. If not these, then take inspiration from someone you look up to or some role model of yours. Just take inspiration, do not try comparing your life with others lives.

It might be easy to do that when you are feeling low, but remember that no two lives are similar and comparison will do nothing but more damage.

If you are not able to find any direction in life, do not stress, eventually everything will work out. Do not give up searching for what you are truly passionate about. It might come late but it might be something you were born to do.

For those who have already found what they are passionate about and are feeling uninspired, try to think about the reasons that attracted you to this activity and what made you start in the first place.

Once you find your goals, make sure you are consistent and work really hard towards achieving them. It is important to face these lows since it helps you grow as a person and will make you grateful for your good times.

Yours truly,

Someone who is always looking for inspiration.