Bucket Lists Makes Life So Much Easier

Gayatri Menon
Feb 11, 2019   •  63 views

We only live once (you must have heard this a lot. If not, there you go) so why would you want to waste your life without having any goals or aspirations.

Living without a goal or something to look forward to, is probably the most boring thing a person can experience.

Bucket lists are goals that you want to achieve over the course of your life. It gives your life a sense of purpose or direction. It can be as adventurous as jumping off a plane or as simple as to read all the books by a particular author.

A bucket list does not have to be restricted because of your limits. They need to be anything and everything you aspire to achieve or tick off at least once in your life.

A bucket list helps you step out of your comfort zone and try new things.

It makes you expose yourself to situations that are foreign to you.
Bucket lists frame your life the way you want to live it. It shows you a clear picture of where you see your life to be and the way you imagine it in your head. The tasks in it are just the milestones you achieve to finally get to your dream life.

They help you focus on what you really want in your life and prioritise.
Bucket lists motivate you to achieve your goals and work towards reaching closer to them. That is why; it does not let you slack off and procrastinate. The list keeps you on your toes so that you hustle till you achieve your goal.

You can get to know a lot about a person if you see their Bucket list. It shows the deepest desires and goals of a person.

Once you check the goal off your list, you just feel a lot more accomplished and feel like you have your life under control.

They help you push yourself and dream bigger and better and towards achieving your vision into reality.

Since no people have the same bucket list, it makes you unique and interesting from any other person. It would be so exciting to exchange your list with someone else to see what they have planned for their life and their vision.

You can take motivation from others and plan your list even better so that it makes you happier. It is alright if you do not have a physical list as long as you know your goals and how you visualise your life to be in your head. It is the thought that counts.