Ever been in a place when you can't stand the loudness of Silence anymore?

Ever felt haunted by the voices that you don't hear?

Ever been lonely without a voice that you were so used to?

Ever been creeped out by a voice that you never wanted to hear?

Ever been suspicious of voices that you thought you heard?

Ever been shamed of voices that you don't hear but know revolve around you?


They make you happy.

They make you sad.

They bring Merry.

They bring tears.

They drive you mad.

They confuse you.

They guide you.

They make you fall.

They pick you up.

They give you strength.


They scare you.

They're afraid of you.

They hide in shadows.

They seek spot light.

They creep upon you.

They crawl under your skin.

They follow you through your days.

They haunt your dreams.

They make you swoon.


They make your memories.

They make you laugh.

They make you cry.

They bring you joy.

They remind you of the past.

They cause you wounds.

They numb your pains.

They heal you.

They play with your heart.


They're in your mind.

They're in your heart.

They break you apart.

They glue you together.

They leave you alone.

They come back to haunt you.

They are the best friends you'll ever meet.

They also are the worst sort of enemies you'll ever make.

Beware of Voices.

For they are all that there are..

They are born with you,

They live with you,

They live after you,

Don't be that voice that haunts

Be that voice that smiles and laughs.

Be that voice that everyone seeks out.

Be that voice that everyone wishes to hear.

Be afraid of not other voices but your own.