Before moving to the real topic let us know the meaning of discord software first. Discord is a free voice , video and text app . It was created especially for game lover to bring people together . By using this software people can chat , create private servers and invite their friends to play in real time.

This software is very easy to use and the user just have to log into Discord while playing the game. Discord is considered safe for teens and adults ages 13 and up.



Voicemod -- Voicemod is one of the best voice changers for discord. We can turn our voice into a robot and many other filters. One can even talk in opposite gender voice by using this app. It is easy to use and user friendly design. It is compatible for gaming like PUBG, Fornite etc.

One also used it for skype , Volp etc. Since i use it personally and found this app cool so i must rate it as number one voice changer apps for discord .


 AV Voice Changer Software --  AV Voice Changer Software is professional grade voice changer software which you can not only use in real-time with services like Discord and Twitch but also use it to record your morphed voice and edit it in waveform to make it more natural. The software allows you to easily access and modify every characteristic of your voice. The way one want to have their voice can have by using this app. The software also comes with the advanced virtual driver technology which makes it compatible with most VoIP program, role-playing games, and web chat applications. It is available in three different versions; Basics, Gold, and Diamond which you can choose from depending on your budget and requirement.

TEAM SPEAK --  Team Speak is also the best voice changer for discord and free to use app and support on operating systems like Microsoft, Mac, Linux, Android, and ios. It is quite similar to Mumble in design and functionality but offers some unique features while also lacks in certain areas. The best part i like about this app is that it is availabe for both android and microsoft unlike voice mod.


MUMBLE -- It is specialized for low latency communication which becomes important for high-octane games with lots of fast action, especially ones that involve multi-players. In the beginning one can find this app little bit hard to use compare to other discord software but once you become familarised with this app you will find it easy to use.


Clownfish Voice Changer -- This is another one of the best voice changer app for Discord. It has all the customizability options. It has everything that we need in a voice changer app. it is of free cost. It also has a user-friendly design. It’s installed on a system level so every application that uses a microphone or other audio capture devices will be affected. In general, ones voice will be modified in Steam, Skype, Hangouts,  Viber,  etc.

These are some of my favourite best voice changer for discord in my point of view.Hope you enjoy reading this and must have gain some information regarding the topic mention above.