You broke me,

into a million beautiful pieces so tiny..

all shattered..

never to be glued back together.

I think it is love,

that bleeds all over the floor..

never contained..

never under control..

just like the rhythm of my heart that doesn't contain..

when it senses you approaching.

I was all alone,

once again to pick up the pieces..

to put them back together..

but I did anyway..

behind a wall so high..

higher than before..

never again to let anyone inside..

And threw away the key,

for the monsters of the sea to play with..

cause it doesn't scare me anymore..

not as much as it did when I fell for you.

Takes a lot of effort,

just to wake up and smile..

to keep that damned curve from turning upside down.

Makes it hard,

to look forward in life..

when everything I look at remains bleak and blank.

Funny thing is

how nothing is funny when it is you,

how you smile when it hurts,

and cry when you're happy.

Guess we all go crazy,

Head over heels over someone....

That is bound to break you,

But guess that is love, huh?

Crazy yet Brilliant...

May be you fell for me too,

May be you didn't,

But I did for sure..

Over those not so good cup of coffees..

And the million meaningless conversations in midnight..

If I was ever asked to produce a patronus,

I'll still think of those nights..

When we were miles apart,

yet lost together,

in the midst of the million stars and constellations of the sky,

never to be found again,

swapping secrets like two nameless stars.

Now that you've left,

I feel this void,

a whole lot bigger..

than I ever thought my heart was capable of.

How cruel was it of you..

to fill a void that was so deep a part of me,

then carve one much deeper than that,

as you left never to come back.

But it still makes me smile,

a pathetic curve of my lips....

but a true smile nonetheless,

as I remember....

that void was a part of me..

because you once were too,,

that mocking space of nothingness,

a heartbreaking goodbye,

and a hundred heartfelt sobs later..

I'll still think of you,

Over the coffees and midnight stars..

I'll smile up at the sky remembering,

the fond memories I made..

with a ghost of the past,

that I spent the happiest time of my life with.

And then I'll think of you..

Maybe I'll be mad,

Maybe I won't,

but I'll still think of you,

Thank you..

for breaking me so beautifully,

that once I put it back together,

I became unbreakable.

And maybe one day...

we'll meet again,

as two strangers in a cross road..

who once knew the deepest secrets of the other,

Maybe you'll smile..

and my heart won't beat out of my body,

Maybe I'll smile too..

and you'll see,

the stranger I have become,

that you can't just waltz in,

and own my heart and soul again..

no matter how much I want you to,

Maybe you'll realise..

that it was you,

who made me stronger..

by making me weaker.

Maybe I'll thank you..

and you'll realise just why,

Maybe your smile will falter..

And maybe..

Just maybe..
my heart won't break all over again!!

-Gayatri Balachandran



Profile of Imayavaramban K
Imayavaramban K  •  4y  •  Reply
Chemistry lam vitru nee nala writer ra varuva
Profile of Gayatri Balachandran
Gayatri Balachandran  •  4y  •  Reply
Thankss daa. Aana inum 1 yr daane mudichirvom adhayum
Profile of Dhivya Balachandran
Dhivya Balachandran  •  4y  •  Reply
You've got to learn to leave the table when love 's no longer being served.. Hey You.. a Broken heart that bleeds tears.. For my part ,I prefer my heart ..... broken. Coz' It looks Lovely , within the cracks.
Profile of Gayatri Balachandran
Gayatri Balachandran  •  4y  •  Reply
Idhan moolam thaangal koora varuvadhu?