Why read poetry?

Why a poetry is great? Is it because of the poet who writes it? Is it the poem that they write? Or is it the critics who give more and more positive comments on the poetry? A poetry is a mirage with innumerable messages. Every man should read poetry at least once in his lifetime to cherish and know what is life. That one time which he reads Poetry will make him regret that he had not read any poetry before, until that moment when he read his first poetry.


Poetry and Paper Source: Sydney Mechanics' School of Arts

The impact that poetry can create would be long lasting and time and date cannot change what impact that it has created. Poetry becomes the essence of life when life is going smooth and also when the flag of the boat of life flutter without an interval. Poetry forms the base of each and every thing that is meant to be, in this world! Indeed, poetry is an interesting aspect and it forms the major attribution to life.

Read the poem not the poet

One must read the poem and it's themes and not about the poet. There's no point in scrutinizing the lives of the poets where there's lots and lots to be seen in the poem and its aspects. Poetry is written in one particular theme or Central idea or motto and it is perceived in many different aspects by the readers. The narrator in a poem plays an important role in the concept of building a quality filled poetry. The narrator mostly would be the poet himself, but in different forms! He would become a shepherd who narrates a beautiful tale and suddenly he would change into demon from hell expecting the wrong doers to join him! A poet can live many lives as he's in the process of living his own life. He can give life to many unborn characters.


Poetry's importance Source: British Academy

A poet is such a talented person who is very much needed to the world and he must be appreciated from time to time. A genuine appreciation would be received only when a reader reads only the poetic work and not the poet's life history. Poets have different situations some good, other abnormal and everything must be tackled by him and a poet must have solution for every other problem. A poet cannot be tensed and depressed. Those states aren't suitable for a poet where that would surely reflect in his writings. This doesn't get confined because poetry is not always decided by the attitude of the poet and his life style.

A critical viewpoint on poetry reading


What's good Poetry? Source: America Magazine

A critic will always look for what's not there instead of looking for what's present. He would always have a sensible and intellectual brain only when it comes to the matter of evaluating the counterpart's work. The poet and the critic be in two ends of a rope and whatever comments that the critic would suggest would be like when he's coming half way that rope since he has to know more about the piece of writing and the poet who understands the critic's point of view, also goes half way through the rope. A critic and a poet must have a mutual understanding and when the critic doesn't stop only with giving negative comments and also give positive comments and when the poet realizes negative comments are not negative as such and the positive aspect of a negative comment would be the learning which is brought out from that. The critic and the poet who come half way the rope, meet each other in the centre and give a handshake, which would be a positive gesture. Every poet would be unique in his own way, Same would be a critic. His criticizing method would be unique but it must be solely, genuinely attributed to the poetry and not to the poet. However, a poet's life is reflected in his poems, his life personally doesn't have anything in connection with his poems but that too doesn't become a factor of criticism.

Poetry and its importance

Poetry plays a vital role and every reader of poetry would have an impact, a long lasting one from the words of the poet. The words play an important role in poetry and the poet's usage and play of words has a greater significance in a poetic work. The importance of poetry differs with respect to everyone's life.


Quote on importance of poetry Source: Quotefancy

It may be of greater importance to someone and at the same time it may be of least importance to those who never know the real value of poetry. Poetry doesn't die even if the poet dies. Poetry has that much value and not every reader value it's value. The problem lies neither with the poet who's the communicator, nor the readers who are being communicated. It lies in-between the poet and the reader where the communication should be worked on and later its importance would be correctly matched with the effort that the poet put in it.

Life without poetry

Life and this world are so materialistic. Everyday, they value more things than human existence and they are in need of sophistication and pleasure rather than being influenced by the aesthetic values of those things. It is poetry what makes the living meaningful. A Life and a world without poetry would have been lost a long time ago. Life has so many positive aspects and the human tendency is to pick up those which are negative. Poetry which talks about the aesthetics of life, is a reminder for those people who get tired of being in a world full of negative aspects and vibrations. Still the world's alive and revolving, it's just because of this optimistic poems which the poets has ever written.



Poetry is just the ash Source: Damian's blog

It is harder to conclude and define a job of a poet and what is Poetry. But, the importance of a poet who delivers good Poetry must be recognized by the world and his/her poetry must be made world known.