That’S Why Mother’S Love Is Endless

Gayathri Kakarla
Jun 25, 2019   •  12 views

The next daymorning, I woke up around eight and saw my Mumma in the room, keeping all my things in a proper way. I went up to her and said, ‘Good morning, Mumma.’ ‘Good morning, beta .’ she replied, ‘Look at this,how you kept your room so untidy , things are not in their places. They are rolling here and there. You became too lazy.’ She pointed at them, with a little frustration and a smile at the same time.

I went near to her and told that, Mumma first keep all the things over there. Tell mewhat kind of a daughter-in-law do you want?. By that question my Mumma is like “ohh beta kya jale raha hai tumhara dil mey?”. I asked my Mumma ,“bata oo na?”.

All mothers are to smart . they can easily read your minds what is going on , they can read your thoughts. I told her the entire story. She listened to the entire story so patiently. At last she asked me a question .You will not going to forgot your mumma once she get in right?.I knee down on the ground ,placed my head on her lap and said, “if I see your face probably I don’t remind her. But when I saw her I always reminds you.”

The next moment, Mumma helped me get up and said, ‘osse itna pyaar karti hu naa, isliye itni chinta hoti hai iski. Thodey dino mein chale jaanahai aur usne vahaa se aapna ghar lekar aana …’ She melted inside, thinking about her beloved daughter-in-law. All mothers are so emotional, even mine was.

First, my Mumma was concerned about my love, and then for me. She was worried about all that must be going on in my mind amid all this. She knew I was happy to be with her. Mumma wanted to be with me at this time. She could make out that I needed her. She too wanted to be with me. She wanted to see her, the girl she had going to be her best friend rather than a daughter-in-law. All mothers are care for their children. They always stand by you. They always lie in your happiness.

“That’s why mother’s love is endless”. It is speech is always a pleasant experience. Everything around you appears so lovely. Every beautiful thing brings a smile to your face. Every hour, the level of your anxiety increases as the time before you’ll see each other decreases.