She said: Ok, drop me at Bandra from there, I go by rickshaw.
I said: Mam, tell me your the address we drop you there.
She said: No I can go from there , I don’t want to trouble you.

I said : (I taken the advantage ) Mam, no issues If you are not interested to share the address I have the details driver take left when you reach Rajput colony and drop her at Alandha apartments.

By the way, there is no trouble.
She said: Thank you.
I said: You are welcome ,miss Arora.
She said: May I know your name, please?
I said: Karan Aggarwal.
She said: Thank you so much Karan for all your time and presence.
when she spells my name it kills me damn it for the first time for me I feel that I have the best and cute name.

I said: It's my pleasure.
she safely reached her home and I returned to my home with the hope and looking forward have a home together and we reach the destiny together….

~ ~ ~
“Another day with new hope”
As usual, I woke up early in the morning and went for a jog. I think nowadays everyone is following these fitness goals. I always prefer and follow jogging, running, walking, swimming these areasare my exercises for good health and growth. because I don’t get time to schedule for a gym. So I do these regularly some time s I skip depends upon my mood.

If we do exercise it will increase our metabolism whichkeeps your body healthyand our muscles and bones some kind ofexercise or physical activity which keeps them stronger and flexible todo any kind of task .so that your bones and musclesbecomes strong and flexible when growing old your fitness level and metabolism will help you to fight with diseases and problems that you get in that point of time.

So far I was given a more and more description about my fitness.

After I come back from my jog, I had my bath and get ready for my office.

Then I had my breakfast left from home and get into my car.
My driver started the car. we are on the way reach our office.
Meanwhile, I m thinking about her and all the remaining stuff that happenedyesterday.
She is in my thoughts, she is in the air, she is in the fragrance ………..(to be continued).
Stay tuned.