I went to office the next day. My Personal Assistant Teena informed me that there is a new intern joining in our office today. I asked Teena who is she?.

She replied that her name is Mrs. Nikhitha Arora. She is doing her masters in business management.

When I heard the name in a fraction of seconds there is a face flashes on my mind.

Obviously your guess is right. She is the one whom I admire the most, to whom I need the most for the rest of my life. Just in a few seconds all the hope that I have been lost. There are plenty ofquestions revolving aroundmy mind . The very first one is ,there are many people in the world by the name “Nikhitha Arora“. How can you confirm that she is the one?.

I given a chance to both my mind and heart. Then my heart and mind started a conversation.

Heart : Don’t loss the hope ?. she is the one whom you are looking for ?

Mind: Why you are keeping hopes if it is not happens then you may get upset?

Heart : Everything goingto be fine.

Mind : Let’s see.

In order to interrupts the thoughts that are going on my mind somebody knocked at the door. Its Teena.

She came to me and said , the new intern is here. Once you sign the allotment order. She joins to the work from today.

Ok. Tell her to get inside and she came near to my door. I love this. Whatever is happening. The excitement, the anxiety. And waiting to see her to confirm she is the one or not.

She asked : May I come in ,sir.

I given a glance at her. Yes , she is the one. My love of my life. I think the god shown little concern on me so that our both destinations are the same. Everything seems to be beautiful.

‘Love is a blend of different emotions.’

Everything around me appeared beautiful because the only thing running through my mind was beautiful. To understand and believe certain things, you have to experience them. And love is one such thing. If you are in love you look the things in different way whether it might be good or bad. I told her to take seat , we initially completed all the formalities that are needed for her joining.

We had a formal conversation about the terms and conditions of the project we are doing. Whatkind of outcome we needed. The rules and regulations of the company.At the last I conclude my talk by conveying my best wishes to her.

I know she is the best for rest of my life.