Teenagers Don’T Need Helicopter Parents..

Gauri Mangal
Jun 27, 2019   •  41 views

Worrying for syllabus, going in depression, scared of examination etc etc…. I’m sure you all have created an image of a student who is very worried for his career and future!!

But wait,

What if I say that these are the traits of a parent ?? yes, parents!!

Overprotections, always keeping an eye on each and every activity of their ward, always accompany them at every possible place; interfering in their lifestyle…This is how we define helicopter parents.

Intentions of these kind of parents are not wrong, as what they all want is to put their ward on the heights of success, but the way of putting is absolutely wrong. These activities would be proved harmful for the mental as well as physical status of children.

These traits of helicopter parenting often highlighted in the parents at the phase when their ward is walking on the way of teenage and this is the time, when most parents do big mistakes in the name of protecting their child.

What they have to understand is that their teenage lad, who himself/herself is going from different emotions and situations want their support and healthy advices. But here comes the gap of understanding, means there is a big gap between "how parents see the needs of their ward" and "what are the actual needs of a child".

How parents perceive the situations are like: they discuss with their ward about how a boy from their very far relation got a job of millions, they provide such a horror and strict environment in the name of support where a child feel suffocation.

All a teenager want is, understanding from his parents like he want a good discussion over his interests and dreams, support, and companionship of their parents as a friend not as an instructor. They want a disciplined but light surrounding, freedom to some extent ""so that their own thinking got some space to develop.""

Now it is appropriate to conclude with these lines ….

"Their dreams want heights,

Their needs want rights,

Just hold their hands..

And say,

We are with you

At any price…."



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