Life is all about hopes...

When we give our 100 percent to our work, we hope for good marks, when we pray to god we hope for the blessings from almighty, when we love somebody we hope for the same love, even when we break up we hope for the return of particular individual in our life.

Just think, how our life depend on hopes... some will say, hopes lead to pain but in my opinion, hopes make us strong and give zeal to live more and more. Those who say that hopes are painful associate it with time that’s why, if a hope doesn’t end with desired result on time, these people feel pain.

But this is not the right way... as hopes are not about time; hopes are about infinity. We hope until infinity, because if we are hoping for particular time period we are not hoping we are waiting.

And after a long term wait, if we do not achieve what we want, it is natural that we will feel pain, but if we have hope of something we don’t wait, we are sure for the results irrespective to the fact that when we will get the desired results.

So hoping is not bad or painful, it is a beautiful term which involves infinite trust, eternal love and the inner strength which helps us to push ourselves and live more and more in even unfavourable situations.

Also life is full of hits and breaks, so to stand in every situation, we should hope for the best as it will create positivity around us and calm us down.

If we are sad due to some reasons we create a negative kind of aura and with misinterpreting the term HOPE we increase our pain, so here are some tips which could be proved helpful in this highway of life where you feel joy and loneliness, happiness and sadness at the same time.

So lets take a look...


Always accept the situations as they are, and utilise your energy on working out on your present instead of blaming the destiny. Situations enter and exit in and from your life respectively but what remains constant is you attitude towards your own life.


Accept the situations as they are doesnt mean that you kill your emotions. It is a tip from my side that if you are sad and want to cry, please cry.. cry a lot so that your emotions and pain could come out from your body and lightens your



Create some moments for yourself and try to gift something to yourself as this will make ou realize how important you are. This activity will highlight the reason of your existence in this world and you will automatically proceed to your own journey where destination is only the eternal peace of for your soul.



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Gauri Mangal   •  4y  •  Reply
Thank you 💖💖
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Vikash  •  4y  •  Reply
Hope mean a lot. Wrote beautiful gauri.