There will be a time when you get irritated for going through alot at a time!

Might be thinking of having a ruthless meaningless life where you lose people or sometimes gain those bonds where you are free from all the belongings.

That time teaches you for the future.

You somehow try to reach and teach yourself that no matter what you'll be okay.

As in particular "All is well".

Somewhere in the corner you know that nothing is well nor good ....nor bad but worst!

I heard that loud in the back......

I heard you doing your best, treating yourself to be the best , but...but...but

Failing to the core or sometimes resulting in the best version of you.

Through the bad or worst, through the good and best.

Please treat yourself in a very meaningful way where whatever you are wherever you are.... you're doing good to yourself!


I found solace in writing.

Like that find something that make you wander and forget all the circumstances, situations and sometimes beings too!

Because you're your own maker and destroyer of your life.

The surrounding that you might not notice is very kind to you please be kind to them too.

I've found some amazing people whom i share a really great relation with.

They're the ones that held me when i started to fall off.

Where there was no ray of hope , those were the ones asking about where's life taking you?

Really obliged to have you!

Be there!