I saw you for the first time. I loved the songs, the colours, Ranbir Kapoor and the insane amount of input they have put into the movie. For me it was just a movie where a group of four friends has fun enjoy, get separated and then again get back together.

I did not know that with time, you would just make me feel better.

Six long years later, you do not fail to give me goosebumps or warm my heart with incredible dialogues. More the days roll by, this movie that was supposed to be a light-hearted one has left a heavy impact on my heart.

And I believe it’s just not me, there are many more.
Naina, Kabir, Avi, and Aditi are people whose memories I will carry with myself to the grave.

Our first meeting memory plays in the back of my head with a background song that sounds like “ aaja tujhko pukaare teri parchchaiyaan…

Mr. Kabir Thappar- the funny, humorous, flirty boy who was almost every girl’s heartthrob. When he said he wanted ‘raftaar’ in his life, trust me I felt that. I felt with every passing second that people like us, cannot settle down. We are addicted to new adventures.The way you loved yourself and followed your dreams was heartwarming.

"Beet ta waqt hai, aur kharch hum ho jaate hai". I get it. We need to value time. There is a perfect time for everything. We don’t have to panic every time.

You have taught me that no matter how much problems we have in our lives, with time everything will become alright. And it’s funny how you explained it to us, was so simple and yet never crossed our minds.

Naina gave us the biggest lesson in our life. You can never enjoy everything. You are bound to miss out on something or the other. It’s better that we enjoy the moment that we are present and not regret what we are missing out.

Being an introvert doesn’t mean you are not smart. You just need to love yourself. You are your own Bollywood hero.

I now know that I cannot take my Avi and Aditi for granted. No matter how much they get angry on us, they will understand. That's what best friends are for, right?

You taught us that just because you don’t believe in love you don’t have to alienate yourself from it. One is always surrounded by love. You just have to be wise enough to see it. You showed that just the mere presence of some people in our lives makes us feel so peaceful and happy, and we forget that we ever lived through some terrible heartbreak.

You have given me the most amazing songs to dance to. on every road trip, Ilahi is still playing on repeat.

You have a piece of my heart.

Yours truly,
Someone who cannot let go off you.