"If you move, I'll kill you." After the warning, Kim Tae-hoon slowly took off his plastic apron. The green blood on the apron, dripping as it hit the floor, sounded creepier than ever.

"Big brother!" Bang Hyun-wook showed up after Kim dropped the apron he had taken off on the floor. When Bang appeared, the surrounding area of people, again grew silent. But this silence was different from the time the previous time. There was a sense of pressure incomparable to before.

As if they had made a promise, the four men swallowed together!
"'He is the monster…" The four men were not free from this pressure. They froze as they saw Kim, and they remembered what he had done.

"What do we do?"
"If it hadn't been for that damned bastard, we'd have fled…"
Kim had appeared when they had been struggling and shouting against an Orc on the second floor, and he had killed the Orc with the ax he was holding. Quickly he had sprinkled something on the Orc's eyeballs after splitting its head with an ax, and then had poured lighter oil on the head of the Orc, which was rubbing its dark eyes with a shrill cry, and then had lit it.

The four were sure of one thing, things were going from bad to worse.
'What do we do?"
"Should we just ask for forgiveness?"
"Shit, should we have just fled?"
Three of them were waffling, unsure of what to do.
"Kill me? Kill me!? Kill me, you bastard!?" Unlike his colleagues, the big man revealed his hostility to Kim. It was proof that he was quite a strong man, with fighting spirit and courage.

However, Kim did not hesitate. He used his Telekinesis to grab the neck of the big man and then lifted the man up. A scene that could not be understood by normal reason unfolded.

"Huck!" "What, what? What!" "Go…, ghost?" The three remaining men, stunned, sat down on the floor in horror, knowing their friend had become a victim.

Kim lifted the man up three meters high and then released his Telekinesis. There was a gruesome sound, like a corpse falling to the floor.

The silence spread again, and now beyond the harshness and the pressure was horror. Everyone looked at Kim with a deathbed face, and he looked at the remaining three people before the eyes of the crowd.

"From now on, the four of you have no right to speak in anything. If you have a complaint, spit it out, right here, right now."

Three of them shook their heads, their mouths tight.
Kim did not give them any more attention. Kim confirmed that Park Jae-woon was with his family, and Kim turned to the watch on his left wrist.

After checking the time, he said quietly to everyone, "It's 22:33, but I'm going to start reporting on the current situation from now on."