Man is a social animal. It needs people to survive, social interaction to live. It needs the company of other fellow human beings to survive. So, it decides to live in a "society". Society in definition is the aggregate of people living together in a more or less ordered community. If socially defined it is people of common beliefs, behavior, objects and other characteristics living together. In very simple words it's human beings living together. They say society is important because it provides us with a system and a platform to work together for the betterment of the world. With our collective efforts, we will be able to improve our living and social conditions.

How true is that for today's society?

Saying that the today's society lacks will be wrong, but I could definitely say that the present day society is a more mean. Life is a race. Unfortunately that's all that is left of it. People don't really live in a society as a collective, rather live in it for their own selfish motives. They hide in the shadows and thrive off others. Somehow there are no values left at all, people are just a hollow shell of a body. I open the newspaper, and it rarely occurs that I'm greeted with a positive news in the morning. I think to myself that there's still good in the world and tomorrow will be a better day. I know it's false hope, but it's hope nonetheless. People are becoming literal demons day by day. I'm scarred of other human beings the most. I fear for my loved ones and their safety, what if someone does something to them just because they rubbed that person in the wrong way?

I ask what has our society come to? Why have we become like this that we fear each other now? I'd say the society is not to be blamed, in reality it's the people residing in that society who need to be blamed.I don't know how many people would agree with me, but society has been evolving all the time, since the time the world is evolving and becoming technologically advanced. It's the people who need to change, who need to start adapting. They need to start learning how to accept. Not all individuals can work accordingly in a tight frame. We need to learn to let go. If one human being takes one step forward, I have very little doubt that the other person won't do the same.

It's high time people start making this world a better place, make this society a place where we can live and call it a home. If we start now, I'm hoping we can make it a beautiful place for our future generations.