Mumbai is also known as the city of dream and a lot of people come to Mumbai to achieve their dream but a lot of people travel to Mumbai for many other reasons too.

People often travel to Mumbai to see the nightlife as well as love to travel to Mumbai. With its various attraction and tourist sites to visit Mumbai is one of the most iconic cities in India and most people around the world know India from the city of Mumbai itself. With its bustling market and abundant historic sites, Mumbai is a must visit for people who like to travel.

1. Gateway of India

Gateway of India is one of the most iconic buildings in Mumbai and it is one of the most famous landmarks in Mumbai the Gateway of India was constructed in 1924 to commemorate the visit of King George v and Queen Mary to the city. It is actually is a gate that welcomes tourist to the city of Dreams Mumbai. These days the atmosphere around the monument is very hectic. A lot of tourists actually come to Gateway of India at night time because the view in the night is really wonderful. Where around numerous vendors which sell everything from balloons to vada paw.

2.Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai

Sanjay Gandhi National Park is located between Thane and Kandivali and it is one of the largest parks in the world located within city limits. Alert people visit this park for mini box and benefit Ek Doctor as well as hiking near Sanjay Gandhi National Park and there is tissue and it is very different kinds of attraction to like a heritage of 109 rock-cut cave temple dating back 1 century BCE. Among the people, thePark is well-known for its lush green cover counteracting much of the city is air pollution. You can also watch big cats leopards lions safari K and have fun day boarding in the artificial lakes in the park.

3.Elephanta Caves

If you want to visit one of the famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India then one of the sites is located in Mumbai and that happens to be elephant caves.It is one of the largest Rock cut caves that date back to several centuries. The massive main cave has both sculptures of Buddhist and Hindu. To reach Elephanta Caves you can take a 1-hour ferry ride from Gateway of India and it is about 10 kilometers from Mumbai. There will be a small bit of traffic and the people who don't like trekking can take a toy train which will take you on a tour to the caves from the starting point. Elephanta Caves has one of the most impressive sculptures and artwork that you can find around India.

4.Colaba Causeway

If you come to Mumbai one of the things that you do besides traveling is shopping as Mumbai is also a fashion capital of India and shopping should be one of your priority while traveling to Mumbai. Then you can certainly go to Colaba causeway as it is a shopping Paradise for them forever.

Does all the things that you need like designer clothes home decor jewelry and everything in between. It is located in Colaba, Mumbai.