1. Norway

Norway is located in the far north of europe and is one of the country which is very mistical in life. Norway is filled with so many stunning sights and it has a rich amount of flora and fauna with great lakes,oceans and is a wonderfull place to visit etc,. While you’re there, you can explore Oslo. Visit Tromso. Head to the Heddal Stave Church. Marvel at Jotunheimen National Park.Norway is located in the northern part of europe and there is sunlight for about 6 months and there is darkness for about 6 months each the people and the nature that is provided is one of the best in the world.If you’re hoping to catch the northern lights in Norway, make sure you are aware that this phenomenon only occurs over winter and the northern light is one of the most beautifull phenomenon that takes place on planet earth . Travel to norway during the winter or during summer time.

2. Egypt

Egypt is located in north east of africa and is one of the oldest country in the world as it has one of the oldest civilization in the world. From the mighty River Nile to the breathtaking Pyramids of Giza, there are plenty of things to see and do. Just as one might expect, Egypt is a living and breathing country where the people still follow the old tradition and values that were written when egypt was formed. When writing was not even introduced in the world egypt was the one place where they were able to record the things by using picture and picture were kind of symbols that even if a person in a far future will be able to read it.Where ever you point your camera you will feel to take picture of things that is around you. Visit the great pyramid of giza and discover different aspect that make the giza one of the wonders of the world. Capture the excitement and magic of Alexandria for a taste of European elegance.

3. Sri Lanka

Are you dreaming of Sri Lanka? We sure are. Here, you can find a sea of green forests and tea plantations to beautifull beaches and can interact wih people as the people are very friendly in sri lanka etc. Sri lanka can be accessed by indian by both air as well as by travelling by train.You can eat varity of seafood which is only native to sri lanka and can have a experience that you have never had before.Sri lanka is that place where culture coexist with people .

The locals have so much respect for nature and wildlife. Sri Lanka was one of the greenest places I have ever visited and one of my favorite experiences was visiting the national parks and the mightly ravan palace which resided in sri lanka .The seafood which is available in sri lanka is one of the best in the world and people would be able to eat different types of food that we never imagined that can be made using seafood.

The best way to see everything Sri Lanka has to offer is to move around and stay in different regions, because each area is unique.

4. Costa Rica

Costa rica is one of the few places which is very much surrounded by flora and fauna and the whole country is very different from rest from the country as it has nature that surrounds the country and gives costa rica its own unique cham.For adventure enthusiasts, Costa Rica is a dream come true. If you’re an adventure enthusiast, make sure your camera is equipped with a waterproof case – because you’ll need it. From white-water rafting to snorkelling to deep sea adventures, its is not a place where they want to be free from water as one of the major things that attract the tourist from around the world is its clean water.Every adventure sport that you wanted to do you can do it in costa rica and it is one of the cheapest option when travelling .

5. India

Indian is one of the few places where people can travel to see varity of culture ,heritage region which are very different across india.You can experience various different food that are vegetarian healthy and tasty and which is loved by every one across india.Make sure to see the famous temple,monuments as well as visit the most famous monument of them all the taj mahal which is the seven wonder of the world.You can visit delhi which is a mix of both mordern and old architecture as well as visit the business capital of india which is mumbai.If you’re after one of the most colourful (and spiritual) experiences of them all, make sure you travel during the Holi Festival and throw handfuls of colourful powder in the air.