Few Reasons Why The Oscars Dont Matter

Eeshan Pandey
May 02, 2019   •  173 views

So the Oscars love to obliterate your speculations. Technically orthodox, epic length period drama and great critic consensus. That’s what you need. Nobody expects Christopher Nolan to bag an academy award anytime soon. Sci-fi movies are most often turned a deaf ear by the Academy. Fan-favorites are always robbed.

Not only is this outrageous and ignorant but it also shows how conservative the Oscars continue to be.

Every year the Oscar’s surprises me with even worse decisions and hence at this point I think it just doesn’t matter. From the show-hosts to the critic panel decisions, everything just keeps degrading every year. At least for the fans. These are some of the reasons I think why the Oscars nowadays are meaningless.

1. Commercializing and Show ratings
Just when I thought that only Filmfare awards (major movie awards show in India) was filled with stupid and unnecessary bits just to milk TV viewers, from start to end, the Oscars also look promising to proceed in the same direction. In 2018 a decision was made thatall awards would actually be given live, and that some would bepresented during commercials. This was also met with an expected backlash, especially since two of the awards that were going to be given during breaks were to be for Best Editing and Cinematography, two pretty key aspects of film making.So you don’t want to show specific awards in an ‘award’ show for a bunch ofcommercials.

2. Snubbing

Perhaps the biggest reason, people don’t look forward to the Oscars. They snubbed Leo year after year, Christopher Nolanis yet to win one for directing, and some worthy superhero movies are not evengiven the slightest consideration. They always find a way to discredit the performances that the masses actually root for. It is the same thing every year.

It’s always movies like ‘Satan’s Alley’that take it away. (lol..get that reference?)

3. The red carpet eventis somehow more popular than the actual show.

I don’t care who is wearing what designer, and who arrives with who. Why on earth are we dedicating 2 hours of pre-game to these people?

4. Hosts

Slight irreverence is now intolerable. Every joke has to be carefully dropped. No wonder Ricky Gervais is never asked to host the Oscars (if you don’t know him, this dude turned the golden Globes Awards into a celebrity roast session; great tongue in cheek humor). This year I’m glad that they cut this crap completely as there wasn’t even a host in the first place.

The Academy awards has just become a TV special for ratings and celebrity buzz, that runs for nearly four hours awarding movies most people never even heard of. The real issue with the nominees is that they have tended to come from a narrow band of what might be termed "Oscar-worthy" films.This year,Green Bookis the egregious example. This might be great for upcoming film-makers but disappointing for viewers.

Robert Downey Jr. gave a stupendous performance in Avengers Endgame. Fans are literally creating petitions to get him nominated for the Oscars, and I can definitely get behind it. But we all know as it comes from a 'Superhero' movie, there is a 14 million to 1 chance, he would actually win.