“Brain drain indicates a substantial emigration or migration of individuals. A brain drain can result from turmoil within a nation, the existence of favourable professional opportunities in other countries, or from a desire to seek a higher standard of living.”

It's no less than a brainwash because people find it very heavenly type to work in foreign countries. This is the reason why India is still a developing nation and not a developed one. The talented adults are constantly shifting in foreign countries and serving them. There was a time when they are being served by their homeland. The government provide free education to children in the hope that they will join hands in the growth of the country. Instead, they settle in another country and work there only. What benefits does our country get to prepare such individuals for a bright future? Our government has initiated many schemes of employment for the people but still, they are attracted to the outside world. Migration of Indian scientists and engineers to the US has increased by 85% in 10 years, a report of the highest scientific body of the United States has said.

It has created an adverse situation for the existing workforce of the nation. The population is increasing annually and the young productive population is either migrating or unemployed.

The government has provided work but is it really worth the capacity of the individual for he has studied day and night. If a man has accomplished an MBA degree and he is working as a peon in a government sector, it is not a healthy work for him. On the other hand, if any foreign company is respecting his eligibility and giving him work according to that, he has to leave his country for his betterment.

One has to think about his own living. Considering that, it is right to seek a better opportunity rather spending a life not worthy. We are aware of the fact that there is a huge competition among the candidates in India. Also, sometimes the best people don't get the chance to serve their nation. They are welcomed by another nation and prove their skills there. The thing is people choose unfair means to get jobs they don't deserve and snatch someone else's opportunity.

The threshold they choose to cross is for their livelihood. Nobody wants to live a life of absurdity and regret. Utilizing skills in work is the ultimate aim of an individual. If they aren't getting it here, better to find it somewhere.



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