For many of us, love is that fantasy we dream, where everything seems lovely and nice and where the blue night skies are never ending like we see in the movies. this really the case in reality right now? Let's see.

'Love' is a concept of everlasting expression of beauty which can be shared between two beautiful and caring people. This concept is very much likely to excite people who haven't been in love or had any relationships before. Mostly, teenagers in particular. Which is why, one hastily makes poor choice of partner and rushes himself/herself into unhealthy relationship.

But does love really exist? The answer is 'Yes'. Not just the motherly love and stuff, but love truly exists. All you need to do is find your one and only better-half who loves you from the bottom of his heart. Don't know how? We're here to help you in this.

Here are the 8 tips you can follow to find your love.

1. Wait

Waiting can be the difficult part in life, I agree. But waiting gives you the best fruit. In love life, you get many options of whom to make your partner but you need to wait and think before you hurry yourself into an unwanted relationship and regret later. You are never too old to love. Then, why hurry? Wait, my dear!

2. Love yourself first

Not trying to take it off the track but loving oneself is more important than loving another. When you love yourself, you put yourself first. And when you put yourself first, you will not do anything that will hurt you. Which is how you'll not agree to do anything which may hurt your feelings and cause you pain. Also, when you love yourself, you set certain priorities and you'll understand more clearly of what you'd like in your partner and what not. How he should be and how not. Made it clear? Good.

3. Open up socially

If you are sitting at home, front of TV whole day, doing whatever you do normally will likely give you the everyday result. When you think it's time that you need your partner around you, you must go out and mingle with people and be more social and active. But "mingle with people" here does not suggest you hang out with them and flirt all the way. It means, when they are willing to open up and show that they are interested in you, do not turn off the situation. Be kind to yourself as well as with them. Let them know you are yet to decide what a person you want and will definitely think about this, with this, you'll not lose a point neither does he gain any. You still got your options honey!

4. Judge wisely

Aren't there times when you false judge someone or something just because you like them. Don't worry, everyone has.

While choosing a person for life, there's only one thing you need to remind yourself- "Judge wisely".

When you see you don't like certain habits or attitudes of the person you're seeing has, don't try to compromise just because you like him. I know, "the heart wants what it wants" but later, it is heart itself which will suffer. So, judge wisely. Though you like that person, make sure to not overlook his annoying sides that you don't really appreciate. Heart reaps what it wants, so careful!

5. Expect less

Everyone has imagined already or might have possibly dreamed of having certain attitudes and habits in their lover. Well, personally I had few. That can be totally fine to have expectations in other cases where if you're looking for perfect bride or groom. but for love? Nope!

As I told earlier, you have to be more open and fair judging. May be the ones who fulfill all your expectations might expect something else from you. Think it that way. It's not bad to have expectations but if it is costing you love? Why risk?!

6. Love is unconditional

Love can happen where no conditions are kept to be loved. If your partner restricts you to do soemthing which you don't like and calls you 'my love' do not agree. Love is unconditional. One must accept you how you actually are, because they love you. If there's something which he doesn't like in you, must talk and clear it out but conditions and restrictions are completely out of question. One must love the real You!

7. Puppy like love

Puppies make life beautiful, Don't they? Why do you love your puppy though? Because it gives you what you want? Because it gets you your desired fancy car? Because it gives you what you dream? No! Weird, right?

You love them because they love you back. They are yours! That ownership and healthy possesiveness brings you sense of responsibility of taking care of your puppy. Same is the case with loved ones. Good one, right?

8. Puts you first

Finally, puts you first. In danger, I would definitely rescue and protect my loved ones first. I'd put them over me. I'd choose them first. When one truly loves you, he'd do this too.

So now you know what all it takes to call Love into your life. Are you ready to fall in love?



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7th one ... Outstanding 🔥🔥
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Wow ....., You just changed my thoughts .... Your words are changing me and bringing hope ... These lines will fix the broken person