Browsing through the internet is one of the hobbies for all people around the world. Did we ever think of the genuine sites that help us to guide and improve ourselves with a bundle of knowledge? Some websites have the capability on not only supplying the query answer as results but also helps to gain more wisdom through new ideas and technologies. Here discussing all the trust worthy common websites that we may come across in our daily browsing which is truly a source of information gaining.


Wikipedia is the most common and successful platform which is multi-lingual encyclopedia. It has open collaboration with content editing systems. It provides free content with no commercial ads. It is considered as the starting point for everyone for digging information on particular topic. Every person will read te information in wikipedia as the basic building block of information gathering.


Quora is a largest community in the world that connects to share and gain knowledge around the world. It is an online platform to ask and and answer questions. It connects with different types of community and provide highly unique insights and quality answers as solutions for the queries based on their experience. Every question will always have an answer in quora- that's its speciality.


WikiHow is an online community developed in 2005. It is one of the top leading how-to guide platform which provides the step by step procedure on every topic around the world. It offers a step by step procedure for any topics and can be followed by any individuals easily as it is written in simple and understandable language. The basic motto is“to learn how to do anything”.


EdX website provides a free education to students. It is an online platform with lot of high quality free courses from different fields of studies taken by experts and is eatablished by Harvard University and MIT in 2012. Students can enroll in the courses anytime, anywhere from the world. It also provides certificate of completion at the end after the study plan.


Internshala is an free internship providing online platform for students. Students can apply and seek internships based on the preference through this efficient platform. Internshala helps to land on anyone’s dream job by stepping a small feet into the industry by doing internship. It provides standard legit companies for the Internship and are open to students. Any types of internships are supported that are part-time, work from home and full time jobs.


Grammarly is a world’s most accurate online grammar checker. It improves the text by pointing out the correct suggestions which are matching with the context and provides list of suggestions that can be used to replace for better understanding and standardization. It is not a free platform in the case of plaigirism detection or for proof reading but can be used in the search engine to improve the performance in writing.

Open Library

Open Library is a digital library of various internet sites. It considers the ultimate goal as“ One webpage for every book published ever in the internet”. A million of free books are available and can be downloaded based on the user preference formats like pdf, doc, ppt etc. Anyone can search particular book either by the title, name of the author or by giving the favourite line in that book. It includes all types of genres like fantasy, biographies, history, medicine, art and life theories.