Color Psychology & Its Unique Traits

Divya Visakh
Jul 25, 2019   •  42 views

Colors are considered to be different sensations which are caught by our eyes in the presence of light. We started to name different sensations as different colors. The most beautiful combination that caught by our bare eyes are the rainbow. This natural phenomenon emits 7 different colors. Each colors have different energies and effects. Some may be gentle, others may be disturbing. Humans also prefers to wear some colors as their favourite. By choosing a favourite color of your own, psycologists can understand the personality traits from that particular choice itself. Here we can learn more about color psychology for some basis colors.


Red is a strong color which is mainly associated with two diverse concepts : one is love and other is danger. Love is always represented with the red color. While perceiving this color, it enhances the human metabolism and increases respiration rate. Red is also used to denote accidents and wars too.


Orange is another color that combines the energetic nature of red and the happiness trait of yellow. When we wear or see this color, it represents the concepts of enthusiasm, happiness, creativity, determination and success.


Blue shades are considered to be the coolest color in the color wheel. Blue is a representation of sky which is unique and magical. They symbolize the importance of life by its warm, flexible, hopeful, loving and sincere nature.


Yellow is another beautiful color that is associated with happiness and wisdom. Yellow is also an attentionseeker just like red color. When it is over used, it can be disturbing in some manner. Yellow sometimes represents the cowardice nature.


Green symbolizes nature’s relaxed beauty. Green has a healing and calming nature. It represents greenery, growth, stability , trust, loyalty, wisdom and positivity.


Pink is a color that depicts the gentle love and stamped as the color for girls. It stands for tenderness, calmness, positivity and kindness. It is also linked to childhood innocence, hope and sweetness.


Purple is the most trustworthy color in the color realm. It combines the stabile nature of blue and the energetic nature of red. It symbolizes power, nobility, ambition wisdom, dignity, independence, creativity. Purple gained more impact when UNICEF took the slogan “I PURPLE YOU” instead of “ I LOVE YOU”, as it depicts the meaning ‘ i completely trust and love you’. The slogan “I PURPLE YOU” was made by the member Kim Taehyung (stage name: V ) of the renowned kings of Korean pop music industry band called ‘BTS’ during their music concert to describe his love for his fandom ‘ARMY’.


White is the source of various colors. It is the origin of the color realm and is associated with the concepts of light, goodness, innocence, purity, and virginity. It is considered to be the color of perfection.


The black color is associated with various concepts. Black is a reperesentation of strength, power, elegance and formal nature while using. A mysterious color usually has a negative sensation which depicts death and evil.