Let's admit it — life can't be a cup of sugar, you can't expect it to be always sweet. There are many flavours which you have to taste, even if u don't want to. Some tastes bitter, some are sour but you should accept that it's spicy too. At last all flavours combines and that's important.

Because these ups and downs, highs and lows which is a part of our life are extreme conditions that makes you strong and gives you reason to move on.

I know there are some problems that comes in our life and Knocks our door when we are not even ready to face them. This is the point where we are the weakest and that incident hits us so hard that we break, we deform but that doesn't mean we should give up and accept our defeat without trying again?

May be this time, a new opportunity, a new change is knocking our door. Don't be that fragile, that you cannot even welcome it. I know that we fear to take a chance, but we should not forget that, If we have devils then we have good too, if we have demons then we have angels too. So, if life have hardships then success too. So just give yourself a boost to trust your guts and take this chance and make it a moment to remember.

Life is all about next step. You will not get anything by looking behind. So just straighten your head, lighten up the candle of Hope and just move ahead.

It's all about believing that this is not the end of the road. There are many roads waiting for your foot steps.