Oh! See that fat girl! Look so ugly..

Omg! The boy is so skinny! He will fly one day along with wind..

Ah! People with black color look so annoying!

Sigh! People with short height look really bad!

These are some taunts that are made by our society on the basis of skin color, appearance, hair length or personality.

Body shaming, is humiliating a person by criticizing or making unusual comments on someone due to their body shape or size. 

Nowadays, people say that a girl with big boobs and ass and thin waist, looks perfect.

And a boy with masculine body with his chest pump up, 6 or 8 packs, and hips slighter out, looks flawless.

But is it a real definition of Beauty

Beauty is not defined by the appearance or looks or what a person wears. It is defined by inner soul, that is, ones personality and whether the person is fat or thin, short or tall, black or white, knows how to carry him or herself without getting bothered by society comments o taunts.

Body Shaming has become so prominent not only in India but in other countries as well.

In India, if a person is short, people say them, "Mummy ne Complan nhi pilaya kya?", that is, Has your mother not giving complan? 

If a person is too white, people say them, "Washing Powder se nahate ho kya?", that is, Do you use Washing Powder while bathing ?

If a girl has short hair, she is said to be "Par Kati", where Par means Hair and Kati means Cut. 

And there are many more things that are said in Indian society, but they do not realize before speaking, that this may hamper the other person not only mentally but emotionally too.

Due to unwelcome societal remarks, a person starts over thinking and even gets into depression. They start suffering from low-esteem and feel insecure. They start performing different things, like, fat people goes on dieting, thin people starts eating more, shave or wax their body hair.

If a person wants to fight against Body Shaming, then it is him or her who needs to change first.

i) A person should never underestimate him or herself,

ii) should love his or her appearance or looks.

iii) should listen to his or her own opinion rather than others,

iv) should counter back on those who passes comments on his or her body size or shape or any other statement related to body shaming.

It is YOU, who can make a change, who can make a difference.


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Anand Khatana  •  4w
It was nice 🌸🌸

Profile picture of Anand Khatana
Anand Khatana  •  4w
It was nice 🌸🌸