How To Perfectly Pitch Your Guest Post

Dishi Agarwal
Mar 28, 2019   •  3 views

1.Introduction – In my view, if we want our blog to be selected by any organization, we should first introduce ourselves because if the company knows us or has some reference of our past works, it becomes easier for us to catch the eye of the head and get selected.

2.Headline – The headline of the article that we’re writing should be eye catching, unique or fashionable. Just like it’s said, first impression is the last impression. What makes people read different blogs? AMAZING HEADLINES. We should create some super suspense in our headlines or we should try to sum up our whole content in just six – seven words. People judge contents with their headlines. Therefore, use of correct and distinct headlines should be writer’s mandatory work.

3.Having the knowledge about the organization – If someone is familiar about the organization and knows some minor details about the work of the organization, it is easier for a blogger to get selected. The reason behind this is, the organization doesn’t need to have various orientations for the new selected blogger and it also decreases the delays in work which occurs due to making the blogger familiar with the organization.

4.Blogger’s importance – The blogger needs to prove the organization his importance and need for the organization. The reason being, every organization receive hundreds of blogs and it is really difficult for them to choose the best because some are good in one kind of genre and other are good in some other, the organization should know why we are important to them and what makes us appropriate for their organization.

5.Research – Blogging without research? NO. It is not possible to write an A class blog without knowing about the depth of the topic of the blog, research is required so that the blogger becomes familiar with his topic and can feel the need of writing the blog. If somebody questions the blogger related to his blog, he should be quite confident in his answers and should not hesitate in proving his points.

6.Connection – Connection with the reader is the essence of blogging. No reader will enjoy the blog if he cannot connect with the blog he’s reading. The article should have relevant news or some honest thoughts or it can be even be on social issues. The main thing is that the blog should be worth reading and we should correlate it with our day to day lives so that people reading the blog can feel it more.

7.Visuals – According to a survey, 85% of blogs and contents are read because of their visual images. Nobody likes to read black and white long – long texts until it becomes attractive by adding some topic related pictures. The pictures should be kind and we should try to keep them less violent even if the content demands. The visually able contents enhance the show of our content. After all, visualvisual content is processed over 60,000 times faster than textand can generate over 94% more views for your post.

8.Short is sweet – As I wrote above, reading long articles becomes a bit boring, therefore, we should concentrate on the content of the article we are writing and we should try to make it exclusive so that people can build their interest for the respective article. We should be clear about the idea of our content and should try to convey our message to readers in short. People tend to read half of the article and leave the rest in between. We should make sure that our way of presenting the idea of the article should be in such a way that people get to understand it easily.

9.Pitch our ideas for the content – We should provide some cool, exclusive and different topics to the organization. It makes the head to know about our line of genre and it also helps the head to know about the kind of person we are and our interests. Some cool ideas can solely get us selected because of our innovative ideas. Every organization wants it contents to be exclusive and the best.

10.Respect time - When we try to get into internships that our new for us, we should have patience. We cannot expect our reader to reply to us as and when he reads our blog. It takes a lot of time to evaluate the blogs and select the best ones. Evaluation of blogs need full attention of the reader and he literally needs to connect with the blog which takes time and efforts. We should respect the time taken by the reader to read our blog and respond to us.

11.Grammar – the grammar and the spelling mistakes are a big turn off for the person reading the article. It should be made sure that there are no grammatical errors in our blogs. The reason behind this is, if we do not pay attention to our grammatical errors then we surely do not pay attention to the quality of content were writing.