Are you even a fashion blogger or into fashion if you aren’t covered in the Dog Coat. Yes my friends this is the new vegan way of styling your attire with fur. Have a dog in your lap and you are good to go. My first meet with my little furball was like that. When we adopted this little fella and brought him home, I picked him up with an uttermost level of excitement and when put him down I was one hell of a fashionista with a white fur coat in the month of September. This little creature is what we have when we feel gloomy and unwanted.He has mood swings. He will be naughty at home but a very good boy outside the house.

He has a big FOMO (fear of missing out) thing. He sits between two rooms to hear conversations on both the sides. No one will appreciate you like your genius friend dog will. They never respond to you like humans but they keep up with you as if they understand everything, they might but who knows, at least science doesn’t.He understands emotions. He understands feelings better than any human. He won’t hurt you easily. You have soft toys with you and I have a little living being who is precious to me more than any so-called human, my cute little dog. Well he is our little baby, no wonder we haven’t ever treated him like a pet. He is a part of our family. He fills the spot of the missing happiness in our loves when lack it.

Our little creatures love us their whole lives but more than that they wait for us to come and pat the, love them, play with them, talk to them , walk with them and whatever we can do with guy. They hold our hands even when they physically can’t. He is a part of every festival we celebrate or any birthdays. We celebrate his birthday too. He has gone to trips with us. He has gone to Haridwar with us for god knows what adorable sins he has committed, he is surely forgiven.

They don’t eat food no matter how hungry they are if we won’t let them have it or if ourselves didn’t have it. They sleep all day long because it is necessary but stay alert as they are more responsible than us. Our mother complains that we don’t have any kind of routine although we might not have any kind of routine but he truly does. He knows whom to follow for his walks foods and hide behind whom when he would be getting medicine or beaten up when he becomes notorious or even where to hide when he is going to have a water war with me.

My little white minion is a drama queen. He craves for attention when aren’t focussing on them but otherwise he needs his own solitude. We once went to India Gate, New Delhi with this little pup and he started barking and howling over a he camel. Whenever that camel was passing by he used entangle himself with his leash around our mother’s legs and when he tried running he was falling again and again. “Try and try but don’t cry” this man understood. We were laughing on their contrasting sizes and the way that camel ignored this little guy. He has toys more than us and tantrums to eat even more. He loves chew sticks and cucumbers but hate to eat dog food with eggs.

This guy is a very funny combination of various animals. He sits like a small lion, sleeps like a bear, howls like a wolf, stays upright us a dog, does notorious stuff like taking away our clothes and stuff when we are going out like a monkey.

He waits for us with his cute little puppy eyes when we are gone for hours, but in our minds even we will never be ready to leave him because our attention is on him even when we are out. He doesn’t really focus on us when we are home but when we go out and comeback after a while, he needs to tell us how angry he is or how hurt he is when we left him. He shouts and literally tries to talk to us.

When people quote “we don’t deserve dogs” I genuinely don’t agree with them as we choose to treat any kind of animal or even humans according to us, so technically these loving animals need to be send to a different planet to live happily, respectfully and with independence of course. With all that goodness in their hearts “they don’t deserve us”.We are aware that our little white bear is best for cuddles but we respect the fact that he is a living being and deserves what he wants because he is certainly our source of energy and happiness.



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Waoooo!! This is for a Sweet Adorable Boy as an Family
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You write really well...
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I think I should get a dog now...😍😍😍
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Brb getting myself a dog 😍😍😍😍😍
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Wow it's so beautiful and cute ☺️