It was her dream to settle for herself, her own money, her own happiness, the job she loved and taking all the stuff without demanding approval from her parents.

July 10, 2017, was the first day she joined her new job in a new city.

She wore a green top balancing white leggin and white shawl dressed up homely for the first day wrapped up with a beautiful smile.

As the days went, every night she thanked God for granted with the glorious days of her life. The happiest days added to her diary every single second as she stood with her own shoes.

Weekends are always offered to travel to the new city with new friends with a different
culture, trying out new outfits and different places.

Phone rang...

Omg, mom calling...
Yes, mom. I am sitting in my room from the morning, washed clothes, had food and slept.
No, mom. I was standing outside of my PG, so you are getting bike sound.
Okay, bye...!
Ufffff---- the duty is over.
Belonging to a strict family, she never shared any of her moments with parents. She sealed all her activities and kept roaming happily.

A year went by!

She was at her home on a vacation.
You worked for almost a year; you fulfilled all your desires.
All your friends got married and few are pregnant, leave a job and learn cooking to be ready for the wedding, advice showered from her mom.

She nodded her head for everything and returned to work after the vacation.

It was a pleasant Saturday with drizzling rain. She was alone resting at the park with her headphones and discerning the birds shivering inside its nest, few are flying heavily to go to its place.

Another year went by!!
It has been 2 years since she started working.
Come inside, come inside, her aunt welcomed the family.
She served us with hot coffee.
After a long talk, her parents took the invitation from the bag and gave it to the aunty.

Where is the boy working? From which place and what are his assets? Questions flowed from her before opening the invitation.

Later she read the venue,
10, Kuppander street,

Yeah, aunty. This is my new home address, we welcome you to our house warming function. She blushed, held her parent's hand with pride and she stepped out.

That perfect weekend she sat in the park changed her thoughts. When the birds desire to have its own nest and happily hugging each other, she dreamed her family to laugh out loud in own house, hearing their granddaughter anklets sound on their own floor, the home that is built with happiness and pride of their daughter.

#Never advise a girl to get married when she turned 25. She has to return a lot to her parents, their happiness is her first duty. It is not an age to get married, the age that incited to take care of her parents and watch their happiness.