Catching up late in the morning and speeding to the office is the common stuff I always do. Being a software engineer, I sit for more hours, once in an hour coffee mug hugs me which are the threatening bad habits I do daily. I come from the office; again rest for the remaining hours, watching series, and then sleep. To extend up with a line, a lazy fellow with no healthy habits.

Though it is hard to take a walk every morning, I decided to go and it happened fine. Once the 30 minutes’ walk is over, I used to sit on the bench with a bottle of water. Every day a dog used to come near me wagging its tail and I used to pour some water in its bowl and it will drink that happily.

Today morning, I had a terrible fight with my mother and I was tensed at the start of the day. Today I couldn’t focus enough on the exercise and remained on the bench. As usual, I emptied my bottle and spilled in its bowl.

To be amazed, the pot was filled with the same level of water I kept yesterday. The dog came wagging its tail with a sad face and touching me by its leg. Since I was worried yesterday, he realized that something was wrong with me and he decided not to fill his little tummy. In the cruel world, this moment is mushy. I feel my home has a reservation for one person calling him bubloo and took him home.

I slowly understood my loneliness is decreasing and I have a true companion which can never hurt me even when my care is not much. I feed him every morning and leave home; whenever I come from an office he will pounce on me and play.

After a long day at the office I turned back home, as usual, bubloo jumped on me and I yelled at him very badly. I woke up late, as usual, left home without feeding him. When I returned from the office his lunch isn’t empty, he was quiet. The next day, it was the same scenario. It is unusual and he barely played with me. I started holding the same feeling while I used to be alone at home. All my activities are proper but whenever I go to my couch I am not fully satisfied with the day.

He doesn’t need to play with me as I may be exhausted. He is truly understanding all my mood swings and behaving what I really need. I was embarrassed about yelling at him and caressed him when I regretted my mistake.

My days are back now, now we laugh together, play together, but I never punish him by mistake.
When people like us need someone to talk, to share, to laugh, it was only us to its life. Having him in our home, it may be uncomfortable at some time where it needs to be noticed.

#In the world of technology and greedy, these creatures make us feel the kindness still endures. It doesn’t ask us to dedicate a WhatsApp status or buy its favorite items every day, all they need is some love and attention.

Even a street dog has its right to deserve a respect!