Hey Jiji, come to the playground sharp at 5 PM. 

Please do, escape from your mom and come to the ground.




I, Kumar, and few others assemble every day in that ground to have a bicycle race. We all will race every day and whoever wins should give their bicycle to the other friend for one week. 

So, the race started. 

Dey Jiji, there is a wire that connects current from one home to another, it has been fallen from past 1 week, so be careful, Kumar added.

We all started riding fast, looking over the wheels of all the cycles and pedalling the cycles with full energy on our legs. 

Kumar went a few steps ahead of me, my heart beat faster and now, more energy on my legs to beat Kumar.

After 5 mins,

My face is full of blood.

Yes, the wheels of cycle went over the wire that fallen last week and I fell after a somersault. 

The thorn that occupied in the road hit my eyebrows and the skin had been toured off. 

Rather than feeling the pain in the eyebrows, I imagined how my mother would beat me and thought to hide this wound from her. 

Dey macha, Ipo Enna da panradhu. 

(Dey Kumar, what to do now da, my mother would kill me da, Jiji screamed)

Kumar rode a bicycle, I was sitting back in his cycle.

We found a shop nearby and got 2 rupees in each of our packets.

Dey Karthi, how much you have?

Anna, please give me 1 bandage and 1 monkey cap. 

We gave 6 rupees and got the bandage along with the cap. 

Kumar and Karthi glued the bandage and I cried in pain.

I realized my mom was walking half a KM from me and I guessed she came in search of me.

It was 8 'o'clock and all the parents came in search of us.

To hide the wound, immediately after seeing her I wore a Monkey cap and tried to hide the wound as well.

She beat me in the legs for spending 3 hours outside, my dresses were full of mud and scolded as usual.




I sat in the chair looking down all the time, not wanting to show my face to my mom.

Dey Jiji, Why are you wearing a cap inside the home? Mom shouted.

Ma, I feel feverish. I am going to sleep.

She came and gave me dosa, telling me to eat and then sleep. 

Dey, why are you wearing a monkey cap while eating too, she shouted and took my cap off.


She ripped the bandage off and again the blood began flowing.

Dey, what is this? She gritted the teeth and shouted, gave a nice slap, and called my Dad. 

Look at your son, what he has done, my mom pointed at me.

I started crying, then they took me to the hospital.



So, this was the story of why my eyebrows have a scar, I told my daughter. 

She and my wife laughed till their stomach hurts and my daughter went to sleep.

Now, you just wear a tie and run to the office, my wife smiled.



What are you thinking? I asked my wife. 

I have heard many stories from you. I know the scar on your forehead which you have fallen from the chair while you were jumping, and the scar on the leg was when you hit silencer on your uncle's bike and many more.

What memories would our Achu have Jiji?

She is just 5 years old, She knows how to download an app from mobile, she knows how to relax inside a bedroom for the entire day and watch that mobile. We have eaten mud, got floggings from everyone, we know how to make idly with mud in that coconut cup like we have everyday bedtime stories to tell Achu to make her laugh and sleep. Nature helped us to grow.

Hmmm, those time mothers used to have 5 babies and still carry on with their work easily. Now, parents should need enough maturity to plan for a baby, various types of maturities to get a baby in hand and a steady mind to grow with them because they don't go out and sit with mobile inside the home all the time.

We looked at each other for a minute and the silence filled the room, which tells us there are no answers to the questions.



In the future, Think about what memories will your baby has other than games, seeing cartoon videos on YouTube, other than a few photos of their moments.

# They already have wings, all they want is to learn how to fly!