You wake up in the morning, brush your teeth and the first thing which you have is a cup of coffee. Coffee is fairly common and patent drink for the morning time period. And there are few who drink more than one cup of coffee during the day. Some are run by coffee and they are the coffee lovers.

Coffee means many things to people. It is not a drink, but ritual for some. The drink is not just a popular fad but, a love sonnet to a drink that has lasted many seasons. But coffee not just a drink of the day for the lovers of it.

And heres' some good news for the lovers of coffee such as me. Drinking coffee has several health benefits.


Coffee has huge amounts of antioxidants which increase our metabolism rates and keep us healthy. A single cup of contains more antioxidants than lots of grapes or raspberries. So if you are not a berry lover you can try beans.

Heart Disease

Coffee decreases the chances of arterial damage caused by inflammation thus improving the heart health. Research shows drinking two to three cups of coffee daily lessens the probability of getting heart problems.

In Exercise

Caffeine is an endurance enhancer also it strengthens the muscles and reduces perception of pain for the exerciser. Therefore have a cup of coffee then workout, you will be able to exercise more and you will tire less.


As mentioned earlier coffee has huge numbers of antioxidants which will increase your metabolism and improve digestion. Also coffee increases your energy and physical fitness. All of these conspiring together will result in you getting thinner.

Keeping Cancer at bay

Polyphenols, antioxidant phytochemicals which constitute coffee have anti-carcinogenic properties. Drinking coffee regularly may stop endometrial and prostrate cancer.

Fighting Depression

Coffee curbs depression too. So next time when blues hit have a cup of coffee maybe with chocolate or whipped cream, it will surely cheer up your mood.

Above are some interesting facts about coffee. So next time anyone stops you from having a nice cup of coffee just refer to this piece and they will get the idea.