I am writing but no words are coming out.
The world silent, no birds chirping around.
Written words are missing: no flyers or graphite.
The art of flattery, no more a need.
Does everyone know sign language?
maybe I am not sure.

There are people in the world that make it through without.
Some struggles are silent, no one to write them, no way known how.
There are people still living without.

The creativity and art of words they lack,
No finesse for words, no thesaurus on type.
The silence haunts us, without books we are scared.
The words on internet are our daily doses from friends,
But some still live with no words written words out.
The silence is a fight, struggle for living.

In the ring against a,I,o,u,
They struggle for their basic needs.The world around us is changing and everyone needs words,
But their words are not understood or heard.
They are not silent but loudly moving,
But they are not heard over the loud chattering.

Voracious we are, glutton for words,
Do we understand their marriage with silence?
The world was not silent we were,
Because we do not comprehend people other than us.