Suicidal behaviour is defined as a preoccupation or act that is focused on causing one's own death voluntarily. You can have the thought of suicide, known as 'intent' or 'ideation' or the behaviour or gesture. An intent to cause one's death is essential in the definition.

Thus we can say when we contemplate or try to find ways to end our own life we are suicidal. This is one of the darkest place that minds go to but they go there freely when the mental health of a person deteriorates.But sadly this type of behaviour is not very unique in the least. About 800,000 people die bysuicideworldwide every year, of these 135,000 (17%) are residents ofIndia, a nation with 17.5% of world population.

Thus it is of utmost importance that we keep in mind the mental health and condition of our loved ones. It is a fact that the word depression has come into focus and people have in present times learned to give it more value. But the level of awareness is still not present among people. We still are not aware of the signs.

A study on suicidal behaviour shows that there a symptoms that we find in suicidal patients.

1.Lack of appetite

2.Sudden moroseness or cheerfulness

3.Sudden words relating events of death

4.Worsening mental health condition or diagnosed severe depression

5.Loss of interest in daily activities

6.Loss of sleep and appetite

7.Substance abuse

8.Unnecessary risk taking

9.Distance from friends and family

Now that we know the signs the question comes what to do. Studies show that early intervention is important. So if you are the one thinking of death and reading this to find a solution talk to someone.

Talk openly about the problem whether it is about yourself or a friend talking about it. If any of you ever feel that someone you know is contemplating talk to them.

It is best to look for professional help. But it is not possible for everyone. So talk with a trusted authority figure- parents in cases of minors. But again in some cases it is not possible so think long and hard, find someone to trust.

It is heart-breaking to say that from personal experience I have known many in my life who at some point of time have thought of giving up. But we all need to remember that it is a coward’s way out. Those who experience this dark phase and still remain with us today are some of the bravest people. The fact that we should all remember is that we are not alone.

Whatever problem may come our way, we have people in our life who share our burden. Even in the darkest times when our mind denies that fact we need to remember we are not alone.