1.What you need?

The regular ingredients, a sturdy recipe, one person over their head and one person to finish the failures.

You will never be a baker if your first or second cake is not: burnt or too sweet or not sweet enough, if it is too eggy or flat. Practice makes man perfect is the motto.

But do not give up. If you give up now you cannot enjoy your 10th delicious cake.


You need to find the perfect recipe for yourself with the least number of ingredients. Find what each ingredients does. Find the perfect balance for the ingredients. Try mixing things according to your convenience. If there is no butter use oil; if you don’t eat eggs find a recipe without one. Try to limit the quantity of milky because they can make your cake too sticky. If you do eat eggs try to start with a recipe without milk.

3.Measure Ingredients

If there is a recipe measure the ingredients. At one point you would be able to gauge the quantities but you are not at that point yet. Measure your ingredients to maximise the chance of your success.Keep your ingredients in proportion. Generally in a plain vanilla cake I use same quantity of flour and sugar.

4.Do not put too much baking powder-

This is just a simple thing do not put too much baking powder. 1 teaspoon is generally enough for a smaller cake. Look in the recipe for quantity of baking powder.

5.Do not put too much or to less egg

Eggs are very tricky and have a strong taste but they are amazing as raising agent. So try to keep the quantity in mind.

6.Try not mixing wet and dry ingredients

Again very simple make two separate bowl. Or at least mix the wet ingredients first, then mix the dry ones. Also sift the flour and cocoa powder.

7.Vanilla is your best friend

Not only vanilla but lemon zest or any other flavouring agent can make an amazing difference to your cake.

8.Do not overfill the baking pan

Fill the baking can only halfway. Keeping in mind the cakes rise is a good idea. Keeping ample space empty gives it space to rise, not spill. This also fastens the baking process.

9.Oven is not the only way to cook a cake

I am tired of hearing, “I don’t bake because I don’t have an oven.” So repeat with me oven is not necessary. Yes, it helps and makes things easier but it is not a necessity. You cake bake in pressure cooker, sauce Pan, OTG, etc. you can just use your regular sauce pan and keep your cake pan inside it on a heat protected stand.

10.Cake is not the only baked good

This is what people forget. If cake is not your thing make custard or pudding, make jelly or make cookies. There are not ends to baked sugary goods.

11.Using a mix is ok

It is not blasphemy to use a mix. They are easy to use and not terrible to taste . They are very good starting out. But remember the synthetics that goes into baking mixes.

Therefore, start baking something. That is the start. Find a recipe, the easiest you find on YouTube and go for it.