Can You Solve the Cat in the Box Logic Puzzle?

Some logic puzzles may seem so impossible that they're almost goofy try solving. The cat hiding in a box logic puzzle from Presh Talwalkar of the MindYourDecisions Youtube channel is one of those. In it, cat is jumping between the boxes, and it asks to logically find the cat using math. It's not impossible. Scroll down to read the puzzle and get the answer. Good luck!

Here's the Puzzle

A cat is hiding in one of five boxes. The boxes are numbered one to five and are all sitting in a row, lined up in order. Each night, the sneaky little cat hides in an adjacent box, exactly one box away from the box it's in during the day. Each morning, you can open exactly one box to see if the cat is in there. Can you say with certainty that you will find the cat? How can you go about this hide and seek game to ensure you win? Watch the video below to see how this is solved, or scroll down for the answer.

Here's the Solution

Short answer: Yes, it is possible to ensure a victory in this hide and seek game. Since the cat always jumps into an adjacent box, you'll know after opening the first box when the cat is in an odd or even numbered box. From there, you can play along through the process of elimination each round. For a full explanation, watch the video above.

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