Nanotechnology : Manufacturing With Atoms

Deblohit Deb
Jun 13, 2019   •  31 views

The 21st century has witnessed many great achievements in science and technology. One of the imminent technology that evolved the way we make products today and will definitely continue to show its impact on our life in the upcoming years. The technology is none other than Nanotechnology. It paved the way to change our economic and political systems. The time is near when we’ll have Nanotechnology in every product we use on a daily basis, though the process has begun and most of us are availing the benefits of using them.

What is Nanotechnology?

As the name suggests, Nanotechnology operates at the quantum level to control and manipulate individual atoms and molecules. It is the study of the development of atoms in a particular product. It combines all the field of engineering and material science together and makes everything run at the quantum level where billionth of a meter plays a crucial role in setting precision. Nanotechnology can be called as general purpose technology as it will play a crucial role in almost all industries and areas of society in its advanced form. This technology has the power to make lighter, portable, cheaper and long lasting products that would help industries to build cleaner and smarter products for home and communication. In medicinal purpose, Nanotechnology would help in general therapy and cancer therapy.

Promises of Nanotechnology:

As the nanotechnology deals with putting things together atom by atom, it provides an opportunity to produce new products and systems with fundamentally newfeatures. Thus, Nanotechnology promises to increase computer speed and storage capacity and portability. It will reduce the cost of desalination of water and many more improvements in the treatment of different types of cancer. Some examples of current Nanotechnologies include 3D printing with nanoparticles, high-speed green computing through nanotechnology. Desalination of water can be made cost effective that would ultimately add to solve the problem of water shortage in arid regions. Moreover, nanotechnology has a great future in the field of green energy applications. Since the inception of nanotechnology, the number of research carried out on it is small but it is growing. Today scientist and engineers are finding ways to cope with the adverse effects of toxicity of nanoparticles to make lighter and greener products.